Direct mail marketing campaigns are seeing a renaissance.

Where many dismissed mailings, calling it antique, others found success in delivering a tangible experience. In fact, an effective direct mail campaign can have response rates upwards of 9%!

Are your prospects burnt out from email campaigns? Do you see little interaction via social media? Maybe it’s time for direct mailings. Here are some tips to start.

1: Build an In-House List

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The 9% response rate (above) is under the assumption you’re using an in-house mailing list. These are lists built out and curated by your meticulous efforts. The prospects are typically warm or hot and are receptive to your message.

Your first, big direct mailing tip is to build one of these lists. Here are a few suggestions of where to get the mailing data when starting out:

  • Compile data via customer lists, sweepstakes, and feedback points
  • Collect user data from your website via sign up forms
  • Offer freebies in exchange for a name and address
  • Use a sign-up tablet at your physical location
  • Encourage refer-a-friend type scenarios

Keep building out the data collection points. You could work with data collection companies to vet and verify your information, too. Otherwise, continue growing this organic mailing list through legitimate methods.

2: Offer a Unique but Familiar Experience

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Try creating a familiar experience throughout the customer’s journey. This familiarity builds on your branding and offers a great experience.

There are tons of ways to add a unique experience throughout:

  • Reuse branding elements on all points of contact
  • Keep the same tone and styling in the marketing copy
  • Personalize and use their name and identifiers

You could create a master design used throughout the campaign.

The design could find its way into the direct mailings. Or, you could get custom labels for products with these same design features. Look to your competitors and how they repeat familiar, branded designs for inspiration.

3: Include an Incentive or Enticing Offer

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You’ve got to give someone a reason to open the mailer. Or, cull at least a twinge of interest so they look at a postcard. 

You could try including one of these:

  • A sizeable discount (10% or more) off their next order
  • Free shipping or faster shipping by using a unique code
  • A give one, get one offer to excite their peers to try your business
  • Small keepsakes like a keychain, sticker, or novelty item
  • Free consultation, quote, or in-home survey/examination

Put a deadline on these offers while you’re at it. You’ll want to create a sense of urgency with the offer as this can increase response rates. 

Stumped for offer ideas? Start collecting direct mailings and make a portfolio! 

Effective Direct Mail is Often Unforgettable

Why do we enjoy the unboxing experience? Why do companies toil over product packaging and how it will look for flagship launches? Because these tangible experiences sink into our memories, often becoming unforgettable.

We recall brands when they deliver a great experience. An effective direct mail campaign could provide this experience. So, give it a go if other tactics fall flat.

Want more ideas to reach your market? Check out our marketing guides for keen insights and strategies!

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