While there’s no universal formula for creating the perfect bedtime ritual for your child, there are certain strategies you can implement to help them easily settle down for the night. Whether you have a preschooler, toddler, or infant, here are six tips to help you develop the bedtime routine that suits your little one.

Check out these 6 tips

Start early

Children are most likely to follow an efficient bedtime routine if they start during their younger years. Building a nighttime ritual early on can help enhance your child’s sleep experience, minimize tantrums and enable them to cultivate healthy sleep habits. Start creating a routine once your little one has a relatively consistent sleep schedule. However, if they’re having difficulty sleeping or showing signs of resistance, be sure to consult their doctor to ensure your child is developmentally ready or doesn’t have underlying health conditions.

Bedtime Routine for Your Child

Manage your expectations

Even if you begin early, never assume that your little one won’t develop unhealthy sleeping habits as they grow older. Be patient and set realistic expectations and consider your child’s age. For instance, expecting your newborn child to sleep through the night is illogical as their sleep schedule is still unpredictable during this stage.

Transform their sleeping environment

Since your child’s sleep environment significantly influences their sleep quality, you must make their bedroom conducive to rest. Invest in a high-quality mattress and use blackout curtains to make their room as dark as possible. If your little one is not fond of sleeping in the dark, use a night light or leave their door open. Remove any electronics or stimulating gadgets before bedtime and ensure that the noise level within the house is at the lowest decibel.

Use a transitional item

Bedtime Routine for Child

If your child is aged one and above, consider providing them with an object that can give them comfort and security while they sleep. It can be their favorite stuffed toy, a soft pillow, or a Minky blanket. To keep your child’s Minky blankets fluffy and soft, make sure you know how to wash a Minky blanket and use natural products as much as possible.

Set boundaries

Even if your child consistently follows their bedtime routine, there may still be instances where they would ask for extra cuddle time or bedtime stories. Be firm and do your best to anticipate their last-minute demands. Ensuring your little one is comfortable before bed can help reduce these unnecessary requests and prevent them from prolonging their bedtime ritual.


Involve your partner

Unless you’re a single parent, it is essential you work with your partner when implementing a bedtime routine for your child. Your efforts will be futile if only one parent carries out the plan regularly. Discuss with your spouse in advance and develop a strategy that will benefit not only your child but also the rest of the family.

Establishing a healthy bedtime routine for your child can be challenging. Take note of these tips and remember to do what works well for everyone in your household.

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