Forget about designer handbags, expensive jewelry, or perfectly tailored suits. The best way to create a statement with your fashion style in 2022 is with color.

A splash of color is like a flower peeping through the soil on the first day of spring. Get it right, and it will look stylish, on-trend, and aptly show off your personality.

Before you start your shopping spree, explore our three top tips on how to choose the best colorful clothing for your wardrobe.

1. The Color Profile

The Color Profile

Did you know, each of us has a color profile that best suits our skin tone?

Before buying a colorful wardrobe, take the time to figure out your color profile. That will help you find the shades that best complement your natural beauty.

Your color profile starts with your skin tone. Start by considering the hue of your skin. Is it warm, neutral, or cool? Opt for color groups that fit the same profile as your skin for the most flattering fashion.

Unsure about your skin tone? An easy option is to check the color of the veins on your wrists. Green hues suggest a warmer skin tone, and blue hues imply a cooler tone.

2. Discover What You Love

Discover What You Love

Good fashion is about finding something you feel comfortable and confident wearing. A great place to start is browsing outfits online to single out the styles you love.

Beauty and wellness topics on Pinterest and Instagram are excellent sources for style inspiration. You can also follow fashion influencers on platforms like TikTok.

Or browse Twisted Wardrobe Designs for the latest trending looks.

Start collecting images of outfits you like, and build up a collection. Once you have that collection, you’ll notice patterns in the clothes you’ve saved and pinned.

Perhaps that’s a particular color or a combination of colors. Maybe you prefer to add color to your accessories to complement a neutral outfit, or you might like a bold mix of bright colors.

3. Pick a Color Palette

Pick a Color Palette

Before you venture out on your shopping expedition in a clothing boutique, decide on a range of colors and put together a color palette. That will help you avoid color clashes in your choice of outfits.

It will help you purchase a flexible capsule wardrobe. By doing so, you’ll avoid falling into the trap of buying a gorgeous colorful (and expensive) blouse that doesn’t match anything else in your closet.

A helpful tip for color-matching clothes is to use a free graphics tool or generator to help put your color palette together.

These are the same tools that graphic designers use when creating a website, but they work just as effectively for fashion.

That will give you a shortlist of colors and shades to search for when buying your new clothes online.

Ditch the Dull and Embrace Colorful Clothing

Shake of the safe choice of your old neutral wardrobe and embrace colorful clothing in 2022. You’ll bring new life to your look at turn heads in all the right ways.

Are you buying your new clothes for an upcoming vacation? If so, be sure to check out the rest of our blog for more great tips.

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