The motorhome market is currently worth more than $24 billion and is expected to grow to a value of nearly $40 billion by 2027.

No matter where you plan on taking your recreational vehicle, adventure awaits you. However, if you’re on a budget, you should consider saving big by going with a used class C motorhome.

Here are five tips to get the best deal on your new motorhome.

1. Ask About the Storage Location

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Before you buy a used class C motorhome, make sure to ask about where it was in the off-season. Vehicles exposed to the elements are more at risk for internal damage.

Motorhomes stored outside are exposed to ice, snow, salt solutions, and more which can cause rusting and peeling paint. Additionally, exposure to the sun can cause fading paint and also fade the interior of the vehicle.

2. Rent First

Seeing your motorhome online or even in the lot is one thing, but only by driving the vehicle can you determine if it’s the right fit for your needs. Maybe the model you’re looking at is too much for you, or you feel you could go with a smaller size.

Renting the motorhome first is a good way to get a feel for it before you choose to buy that model.

3. Plan How You’re Going to Use It

Do you plan to pull out your motorhome during the summers to go camping or take some family road trips, or do you want to live in the vehicle and travel across the country?

You have two choices when it comes to a class C motorhome’s fuel options: gasoline and diesel. Knowing where you plan to go and how often you want to use your motorhome will help you choose the more cost-effective option here.

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If you want to buy a used class C motorhome, you’ll notice that gasoline-powered options cost less upfront. Maintenance costs are also cheaper.

However, if you plan on crossing any hilly or mountainous terrain, a gasoline-powered vehicle has to work harder and may require more maintenance. Diesel engines provide more power and handle hilly terrain better, making them best for people that plan on using their motorhome year-round or traveling across the country.

4. Ask About History

Similar to buying a used car, you’ll want to know the history of the motorhome before you buy it. If it has low mileage, ask the previous owner how they used it and where it was stored. If it was parked most of the year, it might have been exposed to the elements.

Ask about gas mileage, how easy it is to drive, and so on. It’s a good idea to do some research on a particular model before buying it and read some reviews.

5. Pick the Right Length

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A class C motorhome comes in a variety of sizes, from as small as 20 feet to as long as 40 feet. Be sure you’re buying a size that you feel comfortable driving and that also provides enough room for yourself and your passengers.

While a larger motorhome might look enticing at first, you also have to consider storage, the kind of camp spots you can fit in, fuel costs, and so on. Getting a smaller size can save you more.

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Buying a Used Class C Motorhome

If you’re ready for adventure but still on a budget, get a used class C motorhome instead of a new one. Follow these tips to save big, and soon you’ll be ready to hit the road.

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