Everyone knows that Florida is home to some of the best lawns in the country, but they don’t happen on their own. You need to be dedicated when working towards that perfect Florida lawn. Find out what it takes to make your yard look amazing with these top 10 tips!

Don’t Cut Your Grass Short

how often should you mow your lawn

Some homeowners adjust their mower blade as low as it can go. If you live in Florida, then that’s a big mistake. You might be thinking that you’ll have to cut it less often, but cutting your grass short can cause it to turn brown. There’s a chance you might hit the ground, too. Try to keep your grass at around three inches. That way you can prolong the life of your mower, and you’ll reduce the strain on your lawn. Taller grass will lead to stronger roots.

Go Easy With The Fertilizer

It’s very easy to overdo it when using fertilizers on your lawn. Using too much will burn out your grass. You shouldn’t add any fertilizer products during the growing season. It will cause scalding, and it will kill the parts of your lawn that over-absorb additives. You can fertilize your lawn in the off-seasons, but you should avoid overdoing it during the summer.

Use Rainwater To Your Advantage

There are lots of ways you can use natural rainwater to add vitality to your lawn. One easy trick is to add an extender to the end of your gutter spouts. You can use it to direct rainwater towards the most important sections of your yard. This works well for decorative plants that tend to rob most of the moisture from your lawn. It doesn’t hurt to install a catch to store rainwater in, too. You can use it as a backup during the driest parts of the year.

Water At The Right Time

If you wait until the cooler parts of the day to water your lawn, then your grass will benefit more. Avoid wetting your lawn in the middle of the day. Aim for the morning, or use watering hoses on your plants in the afternoon when you get home. Watering during the hottest parts of the day will just encourage evaporation.

Treat For Pests Before Spring

You’ll want to add any pest deterrents to your lawn before the season starts to get an advantage over your neighbors. Don’t wait for an infestation to start. If you want to get the job done right, then you should get in touch with Turner Home Pest Control in Jacksonville. They’re some of the best pest control experts in Florida, and they know everything about protecting lawns from pesky bugs.

Leave The Leaves

Geese Off Lawn

Don’t rake all of the leaves off of your lawn this fall. You can do a quick pass over them with your mower to cut them into smaller shreds. This will naturally help to improve the topsoil.

Have Your Lawn Aerated

Installing an aeration system into your lawn will promote deeper root growth by softening the ground. It’s the perfect way to bring life into a lawn that’s already seen a few bad days from the previous caretakers!

Sharpen Your Mower Blades

Sharp blades cut grass cleanly, but dull blades put a beating on your lawn. Damaged blades can also rip up patches of turf. A clean cut will keep your grass healthy, and it will reduce the chances of killing your grass while mowing.

Add Seeds To Bare Spots

Don’t forget to add new seeds to bare spots on your lawn. Those bare sections won’t fill in on their own!

Remove Weeds Regularly

Weeds may pose an even bigger threat to the appearance of your lawn than anything else. They can crowd out healthy grass, and they can rob vital nutrients from your soil. Don’t cut the weeds with your grass. Get rid of them entirely!

The Most Important Tip Is To Enjoy Your Florida Lawn

Taking Care of Your Lawn in Florida

If you don’t take time to enjoy it for yourself, then there’s not much point in having the perfect Florida lawn. Don’t forget to go outside, and don’t be afraid to walk on it. You’ve earned it!

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