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Study finds Tallahassee, Miami tap water contains cancer-causing chromium-6

A report published Monday by the Environmental Working Group concluded that Tallahassee and Miami are among 31 U.S. cities it found to have the carcinogenic chemical chromium-6 present in its municipal tap water. The Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit said it conducted the study in part to encourage the EPA to establish standards for the toxic chemical in drinking water, which is currently unregulated.

Personhood Florida to take part in Treasure Coast โ€˜March for Lifeโ€™: News. Politics. Media

Personhood Florida is already making strides in its planned big push for its fetal personhood movement in January 2011. The group's leader, Pastor Bryan Longworth, previously said that his group would use the new year to work hard to gain signatures and drum up publicity for a proposed amendment that would ban abortion and some forms of birth control.