Having a wardrobe full of clothes is great, but it can be overwhelming at times. The average woman has about items in their closet!

Is it really necessary to have all of those clothes? Would it be beneficial to have just a few timeless pieces that go with nearly everything and have much functionality?

What are some of the best wardrobe staples to have in your closet?

Timeless Pieces to Have in Your Closet

Deciding what pieces of clothing to keep is hard enough, but here are some pieces that contribute to classic fashion.

1. Black Dress

A black dress is a wardrobe staple because you can wear it to almost any event. It doesn’t take much to dress it up or dress it down. Black is a timeless color and it’s perfect for any occasion!

The dress doesn’t have to be terribly fancy; something as simple as a cotton dress with little embellishments will do. However, it can be as elegant as you want, suited to your tastes!

2. Gold Earrings

No outfit is complete without a few perfect accessories. A pair of gold earrings are a great addition to any jewelry box. Though gold only goes with certain colors, you can choose different shades of gold to accent your skin color or other pieces in your wardrobe.

3. Jeans

A sturdy and strong pair of jeans is a must-have in anyone’s wardrobe. A pair of jeans go with everything, from blouses, t-shirts, underneath dresses, you name it. Having a nice pair of jeans that’s tailored to fit you perfectly is always a good investment!

Consider spending a little extra money and getting a pair of jeans that will hold up for years, that you can wear to work and all kinds of special occasions. If you find a brand you really love, consider purchasing a couple of pairs in different colors.

4. Handbag

While handbags are great accessories, and they’re brightly colored and tailored to each person’s taste. But having a bag that’s neutral is an excellent piece especially if you tend to spend a lot of money on handbags. And women have, on average, 11 handbags!

Buying a more expensive handbag means that you are getting a higher quality bag that will last you several years. In retrospect, you’ll be able to save money by using one handbag, knowing that it’s well-made and likely to stand up to excessive use.

5. Blazer or Coat

A simple black or blue blazer tops off any outfit, whether casual with a pair of jeans or for a professional look for work.

A stylish winter coat or jacket is another piece that’s important to have. A classic coat goes that goes with everything and will stand up to harsh weather is worth the money!

A Winning Wardrobe

These timeless pieces will help you narrow down your fashion choices when you’re in a pinch. They’re elegant, classic, and never go out of style. What pieces do you need to add to your closet today?

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