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Effects of Being a Good Student

In the economy today, it has been shown that a lot of college graduates don’t get a fairytale ending of finding a career path suitable for their education. When they go to school, get a degree, they are no longer sure whether they’ll get the job. A reasonable question to ask is, does being a good student benefit you in the long run?
More than ever, researches are underlining that personality traits, like grit, attention to detail, conscientiousness, which all result in student’s grades play a bigger part in life success than IQ and SAT tests alone. Even a ten-year meta-analysis emphasizes the predictive ability of grades in student’s success. In showing that self-regulation is the most important predictor of getting good grades, one can argue that being a certain kind of hard-working and self-disciplined person is what makes a good student. It doesn’t take much to argue that being serious about what you do, and having a belief you can, will get you further in life.
The most important effect of being a good student is understanding why he or she is doing it, meaning commitment. Academic persistence is also important because campus engagement enables the development of skills and traits that will be used in everyday work-life. Friends on campus can be a great support network needed when student undergoes great stress, which is essential to resiliency along with student’s own coping skills.
In conclusion, it can be argued that the biggest effect of being a good student has good grades which are an indicator of personality traits that will ensure great success later in life regardless of the circumstances.

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