Charter Communications bought both Time Warner Cable and Bright House network back in 2016. After the merger, a new company Spectrum was formed which has both Time Warner and Bright House under its wing, making it one of the largest telecommunication companies in the U.S. Now Spectrum has both their networks available for growth and has a widespread presence in almost 44 states across the nation.

Due to a plethora of ISPs available in the market, it seems somewhat difficult to find just one such company that is enough for all the networking and communication needs of your household. Many of them offer discounted bundles and promotions to attract customers and yet if you’re not too careful of the fine print, you may end up paying more than you bargained for.

Time Warner Spectrum

Watching cable TV

However, Time Warner Spectrum is offering the same but at superb rates and no compromise on the quality of their amazing services. They sweeten the deals if you buy their bundles. You can add either cable tv with your internet connection or get all three of their digital services, i.e., internet, cable, and voice. Moreover, you can get all this with a starting price of $49.99 per month.

Forget your worries about data caps and speeds getting throttled after the data reaches a certain silent limit. All of the internet packages, whether standalone or bundles offer unlimited data. Additionally, Spectrum offers a no-contract deal. So, no strings attached. Cancel the subscription anytime you want and pay only for your current month’s usage. Add to this their 30-day money-back guarantee and there’s nothing better than Spectrum.

The most sought-after packages that Time Warner or Spectrum is offering include their Triple play packages which are such value for money including all the above-mentioned services and some more. Let’s highlight a few of these packages to help you in deciding on a connection and package when you go searching for the most suitable deal in the market.

Spectrum Cable and Internet Packages

Spectrum Cable and Internet Packages

Spectrum or time warner offers three different bundle packages that provide almost the same services except for a few minor differences. The most notable is the number of channels that each of these plans offers. That doesn’t mean that paying less for a seemingly smaller and basic package will be useless. Even the tiniest deal includes more than 125 channels with the added 3D viewing. They all include a free Internet modem with a download speed that has been upgraded to 200 Mbps. A security suite is also included for free. These packages are given below:

  1. Their basic bundle package is the Triple Play Select Package with over 125 channels which include some excellent entertainment, news, and sports channels to quench most of your cable viewing needs. Famous networks like CNN and ESPN are included in this plan.
  2. Pay a little more and you can jump to the Triple Play Silver Package with which you get more than 175 TV channels. All the channels from the Select package are included in this. Additionally, you get some famous, most viewed, and premium channels like HBO and Showtime at an additional cost which is still less than the amount you will pay by subscribing to these channels separately.
  3. The third but not least among these is the Triple Play Gold Package. Get over 200 channels with free HD tv. All of the channels included in the above-mentioned plans are already included in the Gold package while you get to receive a multitude of other famous ones like Starz, Starz Encore, and The Movie Channel (TMC).

Moreover, you get access to a wide variety of On-Demand shows and movies where they have more than 1500 HD titles. Half of this On-Demand content is free of any extra costs and that includes some of the primetime offers which you can watch anytime, which are generally available only from 7 to 10 pm.

TV package

You also get a solid DVR with every TV package. You can record shows, pause and rewind live tv, or fast-forward anytime you want. You will never miss any of your favorite games if you’re unable to watch the live broadcast at any point in time. That’s just the TV side of these plans. Coming to the internet site, the newly upgraded download speed means high-speed internet with steady bandwidth that allows for seamless streaming of movies, unlimited music downloads, online gaming, and surfing/browsing.

Spectrum or time warner keeps its promise of super-fast internet even when multiple devices are attached and working at the same time. If you don’t already own a Wi-Fi router then you can get one for as low as $5 per month. Your speed will not get throttled even with a multitude of devices and gadgets working simultaneously. If you are a large family and everyone has different requirements from one connection then connect without worry. The kids can play online games while the adults can watch their favorite series.

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