goenj3000312397_q1_1-0._QL90_UX336_image009 As you’re beginning to get your spring/summer wardrobe in order we’re excited to share a designer we absolutely love; Goen J, known for her signature ruffles, slits and “feminine-architectural” style. Our very favorite pieces, being the off-the-shoulder navy shirt with the ruffled sleeves paired with the black split crepe de chine wide-leg pants. (see above) We also #lovelovelove the white ruffled off-the-shoulder top! These pieces have the right amount of attitude to compliment any look. FYI….ruffles are just as hot as pom-poms were last season. Goen J’s effortless look makes her spring and summer collection so easy to wear. The perfect day to night…pants, tops and dresses. I would say the only piece that doesn’t sway me is the indigo blue pin stripe jumpsuit with lace trim. (see above)

Goen J is from Korea, studied in Paris then opened her flagship store in Seoul, Korea. Her collections which became “a household name” are now featured in some of the coolest stores in the world. Let’s take a look at some of these super cool pieces (seen below)…the ruffled black cotton mini jersey dress, the black split crepe de chine flowy pants, the light blue cotton-poplin ruffled shirt, and the ruffled wool-twill mini dress. We can’t forget about this season’s must-have bomber jacket with Goen’s signature ruffles. Ready to indulge two major trends…ruffles and off-the-shoulder tops? Click the purple links to shop these super feminine, fun, easy to wear pieces. We are totally in awe of this designer and will definitely be featuring more pieces to come.


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