Congratulations – you survived the last academic year! Now, you can turn your thoughts to the year ahead.

You may be studying different subjects this year. Or perhaps you’ve finished education altogether. And know the what to do with old textbooks.

What to Do with Old Textbooks?

If so, you likely have plenty of college textbooks lying around. There were around 3.8 million college graduates for the 2019-2020 academic year alone. So many textbooks!

What do you do with them when you graduate? It’s an excellent question.

If you’ve found yourself wondering what to do with old textbooks? Read on to learn more!

Sell Your Old Textbooks

The most obvious choice is to sell them. See if your town has a used bookstore that pays to take old textbooks.

You may also be able to rent a stall at a flea market to sell your books. This is a great option if you have other books you want to sell besides textbooks.

If that isn’t an option, you could sell used books online.

Trading Textbooks

Perhaps you’re not finished with college yet, but you are finished with a particular class. You don’t need your books now, but you need other books instead.

Consider trading your textbooks with students in other classes. Post ‘will trade’ notices on your class noticeboard about available books. Add a list of the books you’re looking for.

If you’re feeling ambitious, consider hosting a book swap. The more people that bring old textbooks, the more chances you have of finding the books you need online exam.

One way to recycle your books is to let someone else get the benefit for them. Donate the textbooks to other students.

Your local library may take them off your hands. Check with your college too as they may take textbooks for students in need.

You could always set up a ‘free book box’ on campus and let people take the books they need.

Ask Goodwill or local charities if they take textbooks too. That way, you know you’re helping good causes when they sell your textbooks.

Recycling Old Textbooks

The other way to recycle your textbooks is to literally recycle them. Take them to your local recycling center and let them become something new.

You can always recycle them by turning them into something new yourself. Browse Pinterest for decorating ideas using books.

Set up a Little Free Library

Do you have somewhere nearby where you could host a Little Free Library? These work like a free book exchange. Someone can take a book to read and leave one behind for others.

This option takes a little more work as you need to register with the organization. Yet it’s a great way to share knowledge with your community through old textbooks.

That’s What to Do With Old Textbooks

Now you know what to do with old textbooks. Give them a new lease of life through trades or recycling. Share them with others through donations or libraries.

Or recoup some of their value by selling them, either online or in-person!

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