Imagine yourself coming home from a rough day at work. The kids are acting up, the dog needs to be walked, it’s late, and you wish you had something quick and healthy to eat before someone screams “What’s for dinner?” again.

Here is a solution for your family: It’s called “Homemade Fast Food.”

At least, that’s how I call my recipes that take (wait for it!) 3 minutes to make. Three minutes is less time than it would take you to walk the dog on a rainy day. Or less time than it would take Bradley (our 8-year old) to set the table (that’s his chore and trust me he’s become pretty fast at it; mainly because he gets to play Minecraft when he’s done). It even takes less time than reheating a nasty frozen dinner in the microwave!

Delicious, wholesome, healthy food ready in three minutes. One of my readers, Veronica, says:

“Hi Chef Gui. I tried your Red Lentils And Sausage recipe on page 3 of 5 Minute Recipes Under $5 and it was not only very tasty, but also quick to make.

I have a question. You use a lot of lentils and beans. Is it best to use dry or canned beans? Thanks.”

Great question. You see, lentils and beans (legumes) are key to weight loss. They make you feel full, can be integrated in many delicious dishes, and are the ultimate fat-burning wholesome food. Plus, they are dirt cheap. That’s why many of my recipes feature them. In fact, I just tested and released a brand new recipe last month. I hope you didn’t miss it!

In regards to dry vs canned beans, they are both great. I use dry beans when I have time (They require overnight soaking and about 1 hour to cook) and when I want to make it special. And I use canned beans (They are as delicious as the dry version) to make “Homemade Fast Food.” For instance when I use garbanzo beans for a quick salad, or black beans for my “Pork Ribs & Black Beans Country Stew” from 5 Minute Recipes Under $5.”

I hope this helps. Keep cooking great fat-burning food,

I brag about how delicious and fast my recipes in “5 Minute Recipes Under $5” are, but really, the best feature is that all the recipes, as the name implies, cost under $5! You can’t beat that!

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