Around 12% of American adults smoke cannabis. Knowing how to roll a blunt helps you get as high as the sky, especially on the go about how to roll a blunt.

To start, you need one to two grams weed, a grinder, and a rolling tray. You also need a cigar A. K. A. the blunt wrap (tobacco leaves). After that, it’s a matter of personal skill.

How to Roll a Blunt?

Blunts are the most classic smoking method. You’ll be the life of the party if you know how to roll blunts.

Here’s what you should know about how to roll a blunt easy: Do you know the benefits of smoking CBD hemp for human body? Keep watching to know about the benefits,

1. Grind Up Your Weed

Grinding weed well helps it burn more evenly, smoother, and slower. That’s how it helps your blunt last longer.

First, choose a cannabis for health benefits strain. Blunts hit you harder due to the weed/tobacco combination, so choose your strain’s potency accordingly.

Then use a grinder to grind up your cannabis. Be sure to remove any stems or seeds it might have.

2. Blunt Prep

Now, split the blunt. Use a blade/knife to cut the cigar lengthwise. Some people use their hands, but beginners are more likely to crack the leaf that way.

After that, empty the tobacco/blunt guts. Most people throw them out, but you could also use them for spliffs.

Once your blunt wrap is isolated, complete this next step:

3. Get it Wet and Full

Lick the blunt wrap until it’s moist enough to roll. If you get it too wet, your wrap will rip. With practice, you’ll learn how to strike a happy medium via sight and touch.

If licking a blunt wrap sounds unsanitary, then use a toothbrush and tap water to moisten it. Your fingertip also works while trying to roll a blunt, but it’s less sanitary.

Then fill up the blunt wrap with weed. Put in enough pot to make the blunt substantial, but not more than the wrap can contain.

4. Roll it Up

Rolling a blunt requires finger work. Use your fingers to distribute the pot evenly throughout the wrap. Then you’re free to roll it up.

Knowing how to roll a tight blunt means making the wrap conform closely to the weed. If you roll it too tightly, though, it will be too difficult to smoke. However, a blunt that’s rolled too loosely will burn quickly and waste weed.

Once again, you’ll learn how to strike a balance with more practice. It’s better to use colored rolling papers to build your rolling skills instead of skipping straight to blunt wraps.

5. Seal Your Blunt

Sealing a blunt means drying it up to smoke. Learning how to seal a blunt is a matter of using the right amount of heat.

Run a lighter along the length of your blunt. Be sure to never let the fire linger in one spot. This helps you avoid setting it on fire once it’s dried.

Learning How to Roll a Blunt is Worth it

Globally speaking, 147 million people use cannabis. Discovering how to roll a blunt wrap will help you make friends in higher places than ever.

Get some snacks before you smoke the blunt to satisfy your munchies later on. You will thank yourself for thinking ahead of time.

Start smiling β€” read our cannabis section about happiness. It’ll make you feel better than ever.

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