The marine battery market continues to grow from the current value of $374 million. This data only proves the rise in marine tourism and sea trade.

Because of the lockdown, it’s understandable to want a vacation now, whether on land or sea. To enjoy your time in the water, it’s also vital to know the best boat battery for you. There are many options out there, and choosing one can be difficult.

So, do you want to know how to choose the best marine battery? In this guide, we will help you to pick the best boat batteries.

Types of Boat Batteries

Types of Boat Batteries

In choosing the best battery, you need to know the different types of batteries first. There are three available types of batteries for boats.

Cranking Battery

The cranking batteries are also known as starter batteries. These batteries are best at sending heavy power to the engine when ignited.

Cranking batteries have thin plates that provide more surface area inside the battery. It allows the battery to give the power needed by the engine to start in a short time.

Deep Cycle Battery

Unlike starter batteries, deep cycle batteries have few thick plates. These plates allow the battery to give continuous power for a long time.

Boats need constant and reliable power to sustain electronics like GPS and radios. That is why they are also known as trolling batteries. Trolling batteries can drain, but you can recharge them many times.

Hybrid Battery

It’s not suitable to use one battery for cranking and trolling. But, hybrid or dual-purpose batteries give the best of both worlds. If you want fewer batteries to maintain, you can choose to have hybrids only.

How to Choose a Boat Battery

How to Choose a Boat Battery

There are some things you need to consider before choosing the best battery, as well. Here are some of the basics:

  • Battery Output
  • Weight
  • Warranty
  • Budget
  • Life expectancy
  • Battery group

Another thing to know about choosing the best boat battery is its technology. There are four technologies used in boat batteries. These are:

  • Wet cell battery
  • Gel cell battery
  • AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat
  • Lithium marine battery

Choosing the right technology depends on your budget. Wet cells are more affordable but may need constant maintenance.

Lithium marine batteries are the best but may be expensive. Although, using them would guarantee your money’s worth. You can check out some reviews on people who experienced using them.

Reminders for Boat Batteries

Remember to check your battery’s temperature and currents always. It can help you have a safe trip and fewer problems in the future. It can also prolong your battery’s life span.

Also, remember to have the correct installation position. Some batteries are not suitable for vertical battery compartments. If you have battery compartments that are not horizontal, choose a sealed battery.

Choosing the Best Boat Battery Tips

Choosing the Best Boat Battery Tips

The best boat battery for you is what you can afford and is suitable for your boat. All batteries serve the same purpose, but they can provide different performances.

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