Are you sick of the same old thing?

Unique cruises might be just the thing you have been looking for. Cruise ships used to be for a very specific type of person.

The feeling of a cruise used to turn many people away. Improvements in technology and services have helped the cruise ship industry change.

That change has created a number of different unique cruises. Here are eight unique cruises that will blow your apprehensions out of the water!

1. For the Adventurous

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If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience you can find it on unique cruises. The unique cruises to the Arctic and Antarctic are not cruise ships, the expedition ships hold less than 200 people. They sail exclusively to the remote areas of the Arctic and Antarctic.

Unlike a regular cruise ship, any activities on the ship are organized. You still receive a full sit-down chef’s prepared dinner, however, this cruise is for those looking for adventure!

If you are looking for the truly unexpected in nature look no further. A trip to the Antarctic or Arctic could be the perfect cruise for you!

2. For Those Who Want to See It Up Close

If you want to experience the mystery of Amazon, you can!

Booking an amazon river cruise could be just the experience you’ve always been looking for.

These small riverboats all the rooms have views of the river. The activities available consist of kayaking, learning from the locals, and even piranha fishing!

If you want to experience the biodiverse place in the world all from the comfort of your cabin this is for you!

The cruise provides all meals as well as a cocktail hour, making sure you are properly fueled for your next amazonian adventure!

3. For That Bucket List

Three Gorges China is one of the most unique locations in the world.

A cruise through the Three Gorges is a trip through the Yangzi River. This river is the longest river in Asia. Along this cruise, you will be able to see over 6000 kilometers of the country. The cruise highlights the high cliffs and valleys that carved the landscape of China.

This cruise is a must-see!

The sheer size and scale of the Three Gorges area will amaze. This is the cruise for you if you want to learn, but also if you are looking to see a large amount of China.

4. For Those That Don’t Like River Cruises

If the thought of going on a traditional river cruise makes you cringe. This next cruise might be just the one for you!

Unlike traditional river cruises, the U river cruise is stylish and modern. This river cruise is targeted at younger people. The amenities include clubs and silent discos. As well as rooftop yoga and mixology classes.

The U is for those under 45 who are looking to see different things and be around people their own age. These small river cruises are the perfect thing for anyone who wants to explore their wanderlust in style!

5. For Unique Cruises

River Cruises

A partnership with National Geographic already is exciting.

Lindblad Expeditions is partnered with National Geographic to provide different cruise experiences.

The small expedition ships hold no more than 140 guests allowing them to reach smaller and more remote locations.

Some ships have glass bottoms for unique viewing experiences. Yet, the main attraction is the National Geographic-inspired expeditions that include stand-up paddleboard trips, zodiac exploration, and scuba diving.

The Lindblad expeditions all have a naturalist on board, so you can finally ask all your burning questions right when you think of them!

National Geographic photographers and experts are sometimes on board as well. Every cruise with Lindbard is different, and the unique expeditions will make sure you are excited for every day on the water!

6. For Those Chasing the Shot

If you are looking for a cruise that also would allow you to explore unique things look no further!

WildPhoto Travel is for those who have a goal in mind. The cruises are operated North of Norway. The expeditions are for those looking to get too cold, harsh climates and photograph them.

WildPhoto Travel goes to Greenland, Alaska, Antarctica, and of course Svalbard.

These ships only hold 12 people. But, with two professional photographers on board to help you can get the shot of your dreams!

If you want to take some truly unique snapshots this is the cruise for you!

7. For the Post Card Visitor

If you are looking for a place like no other.

A place that looks like a postcard from paradise then looks no further than a cruise to Halong Bay.

Halong Bay in Vietnam is a collection of a thousand islands. These unique cruises will have you on the lookout for rare plants found in Halong Bay. Make sure to wake up at sunrise at least once on this cruise to watch the islands come out from the surrounding fog.

This cruise is enchanting and magical. If you are looking to go somewhere that truly feels like another world, think about a trip to Halong Bay.

8. For a Trip Through History

Viking Cruise Lines offers a truly unique cruise.

The cruise down the Nile will allow you to see all of Egypt. It gives you the unique perspective of floating down Egypt’s most famous river and learning how it shaped an entire empire!

With the ability to take a guided tour through ancient tombs, a cruise down the Nile is a true can’t miss experience.

If you are looking to relax and learn new things. You can sail down the Nile and learn and be transported to another world!

How to Choose?

what to pack for a cruise

A cruise used to be all about luxury.

Now a cruise can be any number of things. With new and different expeditions starting all the time, a cruise can be your ticket to a whole new world!

If you want unique cruises, you have options. There is a world out there waiting to be explored, find your cruise today!

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