As a beginner, the moment you step foot on the golf course can be daunting. Because, as you might as well have known, golf is a sport that keeps itself to high standards, so naturally, there are plenty of rules to be followed in it.

Golf course maintenance can be a very lengthy, complex, and, above all, expensive process. It involves a vigorous process of:

  • Replacing, i.e., club assets,
  • Repairing, i.e., repairing marks made by the ball,
  • Mowing,
  • Chemically treating the grounds,
  • Maintaining, i.e., golf carts,

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Because of the maintenance process and the in-game rules, when you are on a golf course, there is a list of things you are not supposed to do. Those things may negatively affect other golfers or the effectiveness of the game. Some of these do include the following:

1. Stepping In Someone’s Line Of Putt

Playing golf

Stepping in someone’s line of putt is one of the most annoying things you could do on a golf course. Putting is very hard even when there are no distractions. As a golfer, you should be aware of where everyone is putting and avoid walking through their line of aim.

2. Not Repairing Your Ball Marks Or Divots

When playing, you may hit a shot that chunks or bounces off the green; it is required for you to take time to repair the divots left by your ball or club stick. Aside from being a polite thing to do, it also reduces maintenance costs in the long run for the golf club.

3. Playing With A Slow Pace

As a player, you should try to find the balance on how fast you play so you don’t make the group you are playing with uncomfortable. Your group should not have to wait for too long because you need more than usual time to practice shots. Or if that is the case, take the moment to announce them beforehand.

4. Getting Late To The Tee

No players love to wait on another golfer, especially if they are late to start the game. You should make a point to be at the golf course at least half an hour before tee time. The best way is to plan accordingly before the game to benefit your group and the ones that come after.

5. Getting Drunk On The Golf Course

When on the golf course during a game, one should avoid ordering excessive drinks. It is a very distracting and disruptive behavior. Every player should be mindful of their fellow golfers and avoid irritating behavior.

6. Driving The Golf Cart Recklessly

Driving The Golf Cart Recklessly

One should avoid driving the cart close to any ball. A minimum distance of 10 yards should always be maintained between the ball and the golf cart. The no-cart zone is strictly off limits and should be avoided by all means

7. Recording The Score In The Cart, Not On The Next Tee

The point is to clear up the green area so other players can hit. It saves time and allows others to hit up and move.

8. Cheating

Cheating is one of the greatest offensives in all sports competitions. If you play by cheating it defeats the purpose of the sport. It’s not even fun anymore. Cheating should be avoided at all costs.

9. Staying Close To Someone On Their Tee Box

Avoid being in someone’s periphery vision, especially if you are nervous or on edge, because this can be a distraction.

10. Trolling For Golf Balls

Trolling For Golf Balls

Golfers shouldn’t be looking for balls during game time; this should be done on your own time and not during the game session.

Others include:

  • Hitting another person’s ball,
  • Take time to play when it’s your turn,
  • Standing in someone’s line of sight,
  • Playing Music on the Golf Course,


Golfing generally has many unspoken rules that one should adhere to enjoy time spent playing. However, the above mentioned are some basic things one shouldn’t do when on a golf course.

It is advisable, in order to make the time spent by everyone on the golf course enjoyable, especially for beginners who find it hard or aren’t sure exactly how to handle themselves on the golf course

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