Get yourย eyes checked every two years! It’s best to take good care of your eyes, especially with the innovation of devices nowadays. Being exposed to blue light and radiation through computers and cell phones can harm our eyes over time.

You can now take an online vision exam without leaving your house! It is a hassle-free way to manage your current vision needs. Online vision exams allow you to receive a complete eye health assessment from your own home.

Read on to learn more about what you need to know about online eye exams.

1. Anyone Between 18-39 Can Take an Online Vision Exam

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Online vision exams are a convenient way for anyone 18 or older to get a vision test. These exams are performed online and require no physical contact with a healthcare professional. Many online vision exams provide a prescription for corrective lenses.

It can also provide you with an eyewear recommendation. That makes it helpful for your buying decisions.

Additionally, records of the results of each online vision exam can be stored. It makes them accessible in case of any future medical emergency.

However, online vision exams are not meant to replace a comprehensive eye examination by an ophthalmologist. These exams can only provide primary screening and should not be relied upon for more thorough diagnostics.

2. They Are Accurate, Safe, and Affordable

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Online vision exams are an innovative way to check your eyes. These exams are accurate, safe, and affordable.

An online vision exam allows you to see your current prescription and determine whether any changes are needed. There is also the added convenience of taking the exam from the comfort of your own home.

With an online vision exam, you can take preventative measures to ensure your vision is healthy. You can also keep up with any changes to your vision over time. It saves time and is becoming increasingly popular.

You can also get the results sent to you, so you don’t have to wait for an appointment. All this makes online vision exams a great way to save time and receive a comprehensive vision care plan.

3. How Do They Work?

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These exams allow you to take specific tests and can even schedule theย same day eye exams if you need to. The first step of an online vision exam is to fill out a questionnaire about your history. It will also ask about your current medical condition and current vision needs.

After the questionnaire is filled out, there are a series of tests. These tests will measure color vision, contrast, and visual acuity.

Get An Online Vision Exam for Your Eye Needs Now

Overall, an online vision exam offers numerous advantages. It’s essential to understand their limitations. It has its differences from face-to-face vision exams before visiting your optometrist.

Know what to expect, what to look for, and how to prepare for an online vision exam. Before making your decision, make sure you understand what an online vision exam entails and how it may differ from an in-person exam.

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