To get the most out of your case, your attorney needs to know as much information as possible about the circumstances surrounding the car accident and the nature of your injuries. Only once they have all the facts can they get an accurate picture of what your case is worth.

An experienced attorney, like those at Coye Law Firm, will ask the probing questions they need the answers to. But it helps to be forthcoming with your attorney and ensure you have provided as much information as you can to help them evaluate the case.

When the accident happened

Your attorney will need to know the exact timeline of the accident. This way they can calculate how long after the accident you filed a police report, saw a doctor, and contacted them for legal assistance. The timeframe for these steps is very important when it comes to evaluating the value of your case.

What happened

Your attorney needs to know the circumstances of the accident in as much detail as possible. Some cases that go to trial will involve a car accident reconstruction specialist. Therefore, the more meticulous you are in your description, the more accurate the reconstruction, and the stronger your case.

Any previous accidents you have suffered

When the auto insurance adjuster attempts to mitigate responsibility, they could try to claim your injuries were caused by a previous accident. Your lawyer will need to be in possession of all the facts to refute these claims and secure you’re the financial compensation you are entitled to.

Whether or not the other driver admitted fault

If the other driver admitted fault, this significantly strengthens your claim, particularly if this admission was included in the police report. Your attorney will be interested to hear if the other party admitted fault.

Whether or not you have a criminal history

Any murky details about your criminal history will come out if your case goes to trial. The other party’s lawyers will likely run a background check and could use anything they find against you. This shouldn’t harm your case unless you have previous driving-related convictions, but your attorney should be made aware to pre-empt any attacks on your character.

If Medicare or Medicaid covered any of your medical costs

Your attorney will need to report the settlement to both the state and federal governments if you received government assistance to help pay your healthcare costs. Therefore, your attorney must be made aware of any Medicare or Medicaid coverage at the earliest opportunity to avoid any unnecessary delays. To the process.

When you first sought medical attention and how you got there

These are important details. If you waited a long time to get medical attention, it will indicate that your injuries were not significant or life-threatening. Similarly, if you were still able to drive or walk to the appointments yourself, it will indicate that your injuries were not debilitating to the point of affecting your mobility and independence.

All of these details are important when calculating the value of your car accident personal injury case.

If you have filed for bankruptcy in the past or intend to in the near future

If you have filed for bankruptcy in the past and are still paying of creditors, any settlement negotiated on your behalf will become part of your estate. This could mean that your creditors will be entitled to the full amount.

However, if you make your lawyer aware of your situation, he or she may be able to work with your bankruptcy lawyer to ensure you get to keep a portion of the settlement.

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