What Is An Order Form?

Order forms are official documents that record transactions of products and services provided by a company to its customers. It comprises all the essential information required to carry out a transaction. Since an order form contains only the relevant information, it must be kept short and precise for a better understanding of the customer.

It can also be understood as an agreement between the seller and the buyer about the services that will be delivered to them, how they will be provided, how much the services will cost, the mode of transaction, and the personal contact details of both parties.

Today, user experience profoundly impacts a business and its branding. By creating order forms, you can ensure that you are providing your customers with a simple and lucid pathway to secure transactions. It aids in the growth of the business or company by increasing its sales and revenue.

How To Create An Order Form?

How To Create An Order Form

You can create an order form from scratch on various platforms, including Google Docs, Excel Sheet, WordPress, Word Document, etc., or using a free template available online. While creating it, remember to keep the following points in mind.

Your Selling Point

A customer surfing the internet for products and services only allows you a 15-second window to engage the viewer with your content. Adding organized and meticulous information to your order forms is optimal, thus keeping it to the point.

Relevant Information

Once you have decided on the niche for your form, you must consider the fields of information you require from your customer. It should be easy to understand and use to keep the customer engaged. Including intuitive questions about what your customer is looking for and how they would prefer the product/service to be delivered helps create a more personalized experience.

Lastly, only include essential questions and avoid adding long ones.

Add Visuals

Add Visuals

Try adding a few visuals describing the product or service to make your form more intriguing. You can include pictures of your satisfied, happy customers to create a positive aura for your new customers.

Mode Of Payment

Setting up various modes of payment is the most significant part of the user experience. Not all customers are comfortable with a specific payment method, and some might prefer Net Banking, Cash on Delivery, PayTm, GooglePay, etc. Losing customers because of limited payment methods can be avoided. Therefore your order forms must include different payment methods.

Verification Page

Building healthy trust with your customers helps you to turn your once-upon-a-time customer into a loyal one. After the payment transaction, assure your customers that they have successfully placed their order and will be notified about the updates throughout the process.

Essential Features To Include In An Order Form

Product/Service Information

An order form must include a detailed description of your product or service. It should be concise and easy to comprehend while giving a clear idea about the type of product or service you are offering.

Contact Details

It must have a section of contact details of both parties to ensure healthy communication in case of queries, confusion, or urgency.

Terms And Agreement

terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of your product or service must be provided to the customers to avoid future misunderstandings. It must also include a check box or any tool to secure their acknowledgment of the terms and conditions.


Every kind of business or organization, whether a small start-up or a renowned one, must have a way to document all the necessary information about its customers and leads in an organized and simplified manner.

Order forms facilitate a systematic approach to running a business or company while ensuring its customers’ needs are efficiently fulfilled. With these simple steps, you can provide a great user experience and turn your new customers into regular ones.

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