The first time always stays written in the memory. Therefore, it is essential to make a good plan if visiting someplace, especially if it is unforgettable and mentioned in so many posts on Instagram and other social networks. So, when someone says ‘Florida,’ the first impression would be: ‘Oh, I must see the beaches, Disney World, Legoland and Universal Studios!’ Sure, all these are great places to visit, but visiting Florida, the state offers much more!

Everybody is craving more sun and Florida, as the sunshine state is often chosen amongst all US states since it offers long, sunny days and many opportunities to spend them outdoors.

Leasure And Play

Leasure and Play

Florida is a mecca for getting your batteries recharged, but it can also go both ways. If you want to relax by visiting Florida, there are plenty of beaches and spas for you to visit, and first, that comes to mind is the Acqualina Resort on Sunny Isles Beach. On the other hand, if you want to have the opposite experience when visiting Florida, you can check out many clubs and local entertainment establishments, like Casino Hollywood. So unless you plan to play online casinos on your phone, we think you’re better off with the real deal.

For Families And Adventure Seekers

For Families and Adventure Seekers

Florida is the sunshine paradise for families with kids and adventure seekers who enjoy spending time in the wild nature and exploring what it can offer, testing their limits. Kids will love Discovering Cove, swimming with fish dolphins, feeding birds, or exploring the Kennedy Space Center, where they can experience the feeling of launching into a space shuttle as part of an interactive program. Fun Spot American is an excellent choice for bigger kids and adults since it is the home to the second-tallest SkyCoaster in the world, plus the only wooden roller coaster in Florida.

There is also an opportunity to experience free-falling at iFLY in Orlando and become Spider-Man for a few minutes. For all the adrenaline rush seekers, be aware of kite surfing lessons in Miami – this is a fun sport that includes part surfing, part skiing. Nature lovers will undoubtedly enjoy Everglades National Park with wetlands and trails to explore and literally lost in the wilderness. In Weston is Sawgrass Recreational Park, another treat for all of you adventurous out there because here you can hold the baby alligator and cruise the park on the airboat!

However, if you train your brain muscles more than leg ones, America’s Escape Game in Orlando must be on your ‘to-do list’ – this is a place for testing detective skills and solving puzzles before time runs out. Lovers of detective stories must visit Murder Mystery Dinner Train in Fort Meyers, where visitors, during the three and a half hours and five-course meal, have to solve a murder!

Humidity And Hurricane Season

Humidity and Hurricane Season

As mentioned before, Florida is a sunshine state, and it is good to bring sunscreen cream and apply it regularly, but the weather can change fast and dramatically in just one afternoon. Humidity is usually pretty high, going above 90 %, especially from June to September. This is often followed by thunderstorms, with the intense storms mostly coming in August and September so carrying an umbrella while visiting Florida is always a good idea. Also, don’t forget about the hurricane season, which usually spreads from June to November. Keep in mind Florida is a big country, so there are slight variations in weather conditions. People who live there will tell you the best time for a visit is from November to May with the comfortable temperatures (and sometimes chilly days!), less humidity, and storms.

Keep in mind:

  • Bugs in summer months, especially by the water
  • Summer prices are high, late October, March, and April are more affordable
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