When hiring a veteran, also known as a formal military officer, there are many things you need to know. You may actually want to interview such a veteran before you hire them for whatever role you need them to serve in your company. The fact that the rate of unemployment is high in many countries or places means that veterans, just like any other person, veterans need to improve their financial status.

So, other than verification of military service, what are some of the other things you need to do when are you hiring a veteran? We shall discuss this here.

Here are things you might need to know before you hire a veteran.

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Things To Know When Hiring A Veteran

Contact University And College Career Centers

The fact that there are many veterans and military service members that are returning from overseas means that these people are ready to be employed so that they can transition to civilian life and the civilian workforce. So, where do you find these people? Where can one contact these veterans, either online or in a location? You can contact career centers for universities and colleges. Here, you can have the centers link you with potential veteran employees for your company’s needs. Virtual job fairs could also be a good place for you to find veterans.

Contact University And College Career Centers

When hiring a veteran, you can consider the following tips:

  • Create a suitable description of the jobs you have on offer, so the military officers can be sure of their skills and ability to do the job.
  • The use of military language and outreach in the job descriptions is recommended.
  • Ask about their internships experience, job experience, and any apprenticeships they have been involved in.
  • Familiarize yourself with interview tips and know what you can ask and not ask during your interview sessions.

Inform Them Of Non-Discrimination Due To Injuries Or Disability

In most cases, ex-military officers could be disabled or injured due to their previous service. As such, you may need to be aware of this fact and ensure that you will not discriminate against them based on such status. You need to make it clear to the veterans that you have no intention of discriminating against them when you hiring a veteran. If anything, reassure them and assure them that your job will accommodate their needs.

Inform Them Of Non-Discrimination Due To Injuries Or Disability

When hiring a veteran, your managers should be aware of the following things during the interviewing session for veterans:

You should be aware of the issue of military occupational skills. This can be found online or through military websites.

Make sure you appreciate the services rendered by the military during their service years. Thank them during the interview. You can as well appreciate their spouses for taking care of them.

Do not have generalizations about the job you have on offer. Make clear the job descriptions, responsibilities, and expectations of the veterans.

Ask them questions about their training and the skills they have acquired over the years. Take time to listen to the ex-military applicants and offer support and clarifications on issues they may need clarifications for.

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