Nine months may seem like a long time now, but during pregnancy, your time will move quicker than you think, and soon enough you’ll be welcoming your bundle of joy. If you’re recently pregnant, and especially if it’s with your first child, there are some things you should know about pregnancy for a better experience. From practicing self-care and healthy habits to knowing about medical standards of care, there’s a lot to learn in the months ahead. If you’re curious about ways to make your pregnancy healthier and successful, remember these things during pregnancy.

Things to remember during pregnancy

Self-care is important.

Self-care is important

You’re doing an amazing thing. Bringing life into the world is a big deal. For this, you deserve a little reward and can have a healthier, happier pregnancy if you make some room for self-care in the months ahead. Plan trips to the spa, movie nights with the girls, and time for reading, crafting, or whatever hobbies you enjoy now. Things are about to get busier, so engaging in activities you love while you’re pregnant is important. Carve out a romantic time with your partner, too.

A pregnancy massage, for example, is a fantastic way to take care of yourself during pregnancy. Not only can it help with normal aches and pains that come with carrying a baby, but it can help with blood flow too and work to reduce swelling. Ask your health care provider if a prenatal massage would work for you. This might be something your partner can do for you, or you could go to a licensed massage professional.

Being prepared for anything will help.

Being prepared for anything will help

While many pregnant women don’t want to think about it, birth injuries and medical negligence can happen. While it’s unlikely that you’ll find yourself in the middle of a medical malpractice case down the road, it’s still important to understand the ins-and-outs of a birth injury case now. Being prepared for anything could help out in the event of doctor negligence, a cerebral palsy diagnosis, a birth injury to your infant from forceps, or brain damage from birth trauma.

Whether you’re in your first trimester or third, keep good track of your medical records and have the name of a birth injury lawyer on hand in the event that something goes wrong. While you’ll love your child the same in spite of a birth defect, you’ll also want fair compensation to provide for medical expenses should you find yourself in a situation where you need a medical malpractice attorney.

No pregnancy or parent is perfect.

No pregnancy or parent is perfect

All pregnancies have highs and lows. Give yourself permission to have bad days, mood swings, and to feel doubts or hesitation during pregnancy. Many women are afraid to talk about their reservations when it comes to having a baby. The reality is that big change is coming, and it’s normal to wonder if you’re doing the right thing. By being open-minded and honest with yourself about your feelings, you’ll have a healthier pregnancy. The same will apply to parenting. The more prepared you are going in, the easier some milestones and stages will be, but this doesn’t mean it’ll be perfect. Make room for mistakes, and know they’re normal.

At the end of the day, there aren’t enough parenting workbooks, blogs, vlogs, or handbooks in the world to address every pregnancy and parenting concern. Because each pregnancy, mother, child, and situation is different, the best that any parent can do is gather as much information as possible and make decisions that feel best for them and their child. While doing what you can to learn about tips, tricks, and details that might help, keep in mind that what ultimately matters is welcoming your special newborn into the world. Trust your instincts, and the rest will work out. Congratulations on your upcoming arrival!

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