Limo’s are a great way to make an impression for any situation that you’re driving into… they turn everyone’s heads toward you when you arrive.

Maybe you’re looking into getting a limo for your birthday party.

Perhaps there’s a huge social gathering for work and you’re trying to have people’s jaws drop to the floor.

Whatever you’re reasoning is, you can be assured that the spotlight will be on you!

However, there are a few key things to know about hiring a limo before going out and doing so.

Give these tips a quick read before looking around to limo services near you.

1. Research What You Want

limo party bus

Generally, when most people go to rent a limousine they have a specific model or type that they’re looking for.

Some people envision hopping out of a huge, blacked-out Hummer Limo.

Others foresee themselves getting out of a white Lincoln limo with tinted windows and beautiful chrome accents all around it.

If you, however, don’t have a specific model in mind just yet, then it’s important to search local inventory and see which type would match up well with the event you’re going to.

For example, check out this limo company for access to a diverse fleet of vehicles to choose from!

2. Check the Reviews

The world you live in today has many different perks and features of technology.

One of the biggest perks is the instant access to online reviews that highlight the pros and cons of each company with vivid detail.

Use that to your advantage when shopping around for a limo service. 

While you should obviously take those comments with a grain of salt, there’s generally an ounce of truth to take away from each review.

Remember, Limo services are just as much a business as anything else. That means you can use business review sites such as Glassdoor and get an idea of that company’s reputation.

3. Work Out All the Scheduling Details Beforehand

Now that you have your list of limo services that you want to call and request service from, it’s time to work out the details of your event.

Assuming the date and time for most events will already be set (which is why you’re interested in a limo for it), it’s time to get a firm headcount.

How many people plan on arriving in the limo with you? Are they going to help you split up the cost of renting a limo since they’re tagging along?

Get a firm idea of what that looks like so that you know how much you should expect to pay.

Next, determine where you will be picked up from. Whether it’s at someone’s house, a nearby restaurant, or another location, that will play a factor in your rental rate.

4. Check up on the Amenities

These Are the Benefits of Renting a Limo for Your Next Party

Now that you’ve compiled a list of services and worked out the logistics with your group, it’s time to start calling around!

The first thing you should ask each service is for clarification on what amenities are included in the service tier that you’re interested in.

Amenities can differ on anything from the limo service’s separate packages, the different models on their fleet, the distance of the drive, etc.

Assuming the amenities you want can be included in whatever you’re interested in is a dangerous game.

Unless you want to be the one explaining to your group why there’s no alcohol included in the drive like they thought there was going to be, you’ll want to ask ahead of time.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Shop Around

It can be easy to settle if the first service that you call offers a rate that’s lower than what you expected… don’t settle!

Make sure you’re calling around to get at least 2-3 quotes that you can compare side-by-side. Ask each service for a quote on the all-in price, meaning that all extra fees and costs are applied.

Once you have a few quotes you can compare the pros and cons of them all and weigh out which service lines up best with your group.

This is a big night and you won’t want any surprises. Take the time to prepare now so that you can have a blast on the night-of!

6. Visit the Limo In-Person

So, you’ve shopped around, listed multiple quotes from different companies and have determined which one you’re going with.

Time to sign on the dotted line, right… Not so fast!

Ask the limo service to see the limo in-person before you finalize everything.

These days, anyone can take a flattering picture and throw a filter on it to make the limo look extra luxurious. Make sure you don’t fall for that trick.

Most limo services will be happy to show you the vehicle. If they don’t let you see it, that’s a good indication that they’re hiding something.

7. Get It All in Writing

hiring a limousine

Now that you’ve seen the limo in-person, there’s just one thing left to do before signing: get it all typed up in a document.

This will serve as the documented agreement between you and the service you’re hiring to meet all the expectations.

Make sure they list the limo make and model, amenities that come with it, pick-up and drop-off address, and the all-in price.

Hiring a Limo for Your Big Night!

While hiring a limo may seem like an enormous project, it’s actually quite simple and is certainly rewarding!

Finding the right service will help you ensure that your limo ride is a ride that you’ll never forget.

Be sure to check back to Florida Independent often for helpful information on topics such as education, fashion, and fitness.

Remember that all your hard work now will pay off big time. Everyone’s going to have a blast, and it’s all thanks to you!

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