Social media has become an integral part of everyone’s life. It has become a source of entertainment and information for us and that’s why the traffic on social media is booming since the launch of Facebook in 2004 till now. In the past few years, we have witnessed the exponential growth of social media platforms. That brings many opportunities for brands and companies to market their products through social media, almost every brand has its presence on social media, and investing in social media marketing becomes their top priority.

This makes marketing competitive and expensive for newcomers and which is why launching an affiliate marketing campaign could be handy for new brands.

Top 4 Social Media Platforms Statistics And Facts

Social media is used by 3.78 billion users across the globe, and some of the most popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube have billions of monthly active users making them suitable for launching an affiliate program.

1. Facebook


Facebook has 2.9 billion monthly active users and 1.9 billion daily active users which makes it the market leader.

2. Instagram

The most popular social platform for younger audiences. Instagram has around one billion monthly active users and is especially popular in India and the United States. Which have respectively 201 million and 157 million users each.

3. Twitter

With 192 million monetizable daily active users worldwide. Twitter ranks as the leading social networking platform.

4. YouTube


The most popular video platform Youtube has 2.3 billion monthly active users, which ranked Youtube the second-most popular social networking platform. Where you can find creators in any particular niche makes it a suitable platform for affiliate marketing. With that much traffic on social media platforms, anyone can leverage it to gain handsome and sustainable income by launching affiliate programs. Youtube Affiliate Marketing involves creating videos that encourage customers to buy products from third-party sites, including Amazon. Videos illustrate what products can do and why customers should purchase them. Reviews, how-to guides, unboxing videos, and more are examples of YouTube affiliate marketing videos.

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Do Brands And Individuals Are Actually Leveraging It?

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model where people promote other brands’ products or services to gain a commission for each sale they make, typically employing affiliate software designed to generate custom links, track and manage sales. Brands get their sales and affiliates get their commission for promoting their products, and that’s why it’s a win-win condition for both affiliates and brands.

Companies with low marketing budgets need to acquire some affiliates to increase their sales and conversion rate, and social media platforms could be an easy way to find potential affiliates to start a successful affiliate marketing campaign.

Three successful affiliate marketing stories:

1. WowBlackFriday

Affiliate Marketing

They ran an affiliate marketing campaign for a web hosting company, they planned and executed their strategy to increase sales and generate revenue through affiliate marketing.

They did promotions on Social media through their email lists and their efforts paid off. They generated (200k+) through affiliate commissions.

2. Dom Bavaro

In July 2017, Dom saw a Youtube ad where a man revealed his affiliate income on his computer screen, he watched his webinar and in the end, he bought his $2000 affiliate marketing course.

But that course didn’t help Dom to earn a penny he thought he got scammed. But he still believes that he can also earn through affiliate marketing, he then found buildapreneur a Youtube channel of spencer. This time Dom was too shy to invest his money again in an affiliate course, he learned through his videos, and in two years he was only able to earn some pennies like $2 or $5 on commission.

In February of 2020, he saw some people killing TikTok by promoting Legendary marketers. He enrolled and grabbed his Affiliate link to start his 15-day challenge and at the end of 45 days, he earned $2500 by promoting Legendary.

3. Ilir Salihi

Ilir Salihi started by publishing content with details on particular topics. With his efforts, he was able to bag first-page rank on search results. Being consistent for six months, he got one affiliate sale that bought him $2000.


The traffic on social media is growing exponentially, you should take advantage of that by launching an affiliate marketing campaign. Consider launching a well-planned campaign, find your potential affiliate on social media, make your strategy, and execute it.

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