The Sunshine State is one of the most famous in America for many reasons. The beaches, the food, the weather, all these are aspects Floridians hold close to their hearts. Added to that is Florida’s internet connection. What we could stand to celebrate more, however, is how connected we’ve become. As the 14th most online-connected state in the country, 99% of Florida’s residents have access to high-speed broadband. Yet, as with so many gradual technological developments, we tend to ignore just how profound small changes can become over time. So, what can we do if we stop taking our internet for granted?

Reconnect Family with Florida’s Internet

Reconnect with Family

2020 saw a huge leap forward in user-friendly video chat technology, best illustrated by the dominance of Zoom. This easy-to-use website and app lets people connect with up to dozens of family members at once, for casual hangouts or more specialized occasions. All it requires is a camera, microphone, and internet connection, so people out there with a smartphone or laptop are instantly ready to go. Taking this route can connect people a world away, save on travel time, and let you duck out and escape when you’ve finally had enough of your dad’s terrible jokes.

Help the World of Science

Help the World of Science

Supercomputers are some of the most powerful tools that humanity has produced, but they’re also incredibly expensive. Fortunately, there is a system called distributed computing that can achieve similar feats by crowdsourcing the computers and internet connections of people across the world.

The biggest illustration of this technology in the last few years has been the medical research program called [email protected] The way [email protected] and other distributed computing projects work is ultimately quite complicated, but the general idea is that they run simulations and crunch numbers on a scale that wouldn’t be possible with just their funding alone. If you have some downtime when you’re not using your computer, contributing to these projects can be a rewarding thing to do, even if you don’t understand what you’re doing.

Play Games with Friends

Play Games with Friends

We’re in an age now where everyone understands the world of digital gaming, and the opportunities that this landscape presents. For the greatest reach for those not interested in traditional video games, online casino games like video poker are one of the most popular options. Jumping into these titles rewards players with bonuses as it’s a highly competitive area with numerous options for consumers, and they can be played with low data costs from anywhere with a mobile connection. Single-player games like this can lead to more competitive gaming in titles like poker once everyone learns the ropes.


Regardless of how familiar you are with Florida’s internet technology, getting involved with any of the above three options can be possible with only minimal effort and learning. Even if you only have a slower device, internet coverage within Florida has evolved to a point that almost nobody will have to miss out. No matter what sort of connection speed you have, time with family and friends, or helping further our scientific understanding are all easily achievable, and might even open the door to new hobbies. Of course, you shouldn’t forget the other great parts of our state either.

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