Driving across the state means you’re in for a long ride. If you’re going with your family or on a business trip, keep in mind that these trips can be exhausting so you need to keep track of time and plan your trip in such a way that you arrive at your destination by the time of sunset.

Now that you have packed your food and clothes, and you think you’re ready to leave, you might want to think again.

Do These When Driving Across The State

Don’t Forget The Essentials

Don’t forget the essentials

Make sure you pack all your necessary documents in your bag. Keep your ID card, driving license, and car documents somewhere you can easily access whenever needed. While driving across the state or on long trips, in general, these things should be packed even before you pack your food.

Invest In A Dashboard Camera

A dashcam, short for, dashboard camera or in-car camera is a lifesaving tool while you’re traveling to any not-so-familiar place or across the state. It keeps a clear recording of the overall drive making the journey safe and secure. It will help you counter the investigations if any mishaps were to happen. High-performance dash cameras work great even in low light. If you use this recording as a piece of evidence, it is entirely admissible during legal proceedings. Dash cameras come in various ranges, with distinct features based on their market price. You should definitely invest in one that is in accordance with your pocket depth.

Test The Brakes

Test your vehicle’s brakes prior to going off on a long journey. If you are driving across the state, you must be traveling on the highway which requires a certain efficiency of the vehicle. It is better to get your brakes repaired if you doubt that they might be an issue along the way.

Check The Lights And Indicators

Test all the headlights and backlights of your vehicle and do check the intensity of the light in case you have to drive in the dark. Along with other lights, you must check your indicator lights whether they are in a sound functioning state or not. Indicating means communicating, if it does not work correctly, the drivers behind you might get perplexed which leads to frustration on the road.

Check The Tires

Test the air in your vehicle’s tires and make sure they are leveled. You can do it at home if you have the appropriate tools or you can get them inspected by a mechanic nearby. Sometimes, the tire that seems to be fine, ends up bursting at the most unwanted and inappropriate times. The best solution to this issue is that you must, always, keep an extra tire in the trunk so you can go ahead and switch the nonfunctioning one.

Carry All The Emergency Tools

Carry All the Emergency Tools

Trouble doesn’t ask for permission before arriving. You must pack all the emergency supplies in case you come across any unwanted dysfunctionality. Things like a car jack, jump start battery pack, extra tire, engine oil, and others are must-haves to combat any crisis.

Arrange A Good WiFi Source

We all are excessively dependent on internet connectivity for GPS service, locating a good hotel or restaurant, making any booking, online transactions, and more. As you’re going across the state, you might have to face unstable internet speed which will lead to confusion along the way. You must organize a well-performing internet connection for the road. If you are looking for one, a portable WiFi router can do the trick for you. These routers operate on sim cards and the packages are highly affordable. You can subscribe to 3G, 4g, and even 5G.

Keep An Extra Power Source

Opt for an extra power source that is versatile. There are different models of portable power stations that give you options to recharge your car battery, jump-starter, your smartphones, laptops, and even lights or other objects that are battery operated. These power stations are not that expensive and you can invest in the one that is available at inexpensive rate cards and perfectly fit inside the trunk of your vehicle.

Plan Your Stops

Plan Your Stops

You should plan out your dining and stay spots if you are traveling for a longer time span. It is better if you can make reservations before you reach a certain hotel for a stay, this will save you the risk of not getting the room. If you cannot plan your spots ahead of time, or make reservations, you should at least trail through the route on the map and see what hotels and restaurants are available and functional along the way if you consider staying or dining in any one of them.

A Fun Playlist

Last but not least, arrange a great playlist that you actually enjoy. It will make your driving time much more fun and there are little chances of you falling asleep along the way. If you think you’ll still fall asleep, you can arrange a playlist that you absolutely hate and that will also work wonders to keep you awake. You can take short breaks after some time and contact home or grab a bite. This will lighten your mood and ease you up if you are tense.


Long trips are a lot of fun, however, if you are driving across the state, you must keep these things in mind if you want to amplify the fun. These rides can be therapeutic for a lot of reasons as they can clear your mind.

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