Are you planning a vacation to the Big Island? Hawaii is the biggest island in the Hawaiian archipelago. It has a diverse terrain with colored sand beaches and active volcanoes – Mauna Loa and Kilauea. 

With a population of 186, 738 people, the island continues to grow in size thanks to the Kilauea volcano. As of things to do on the big island, there are many adventures for adults and children. 

Read on and learn the 4 adventures you need to experience on the Big Island. 

1. Black and Green Sand Beaches

Unlike the rest of the Hawaiian Islands, the Big Island lacks pristine white sand beaches. Instead, what you have are pitch black and crystal green sand beaches. On the South Coast close to the volcano, you have Punalu’u black sand beach and Papakolea green sand beach.  

Both are located between Hilo and Kona. To access the beaches, you have to do so via the Volcano village. On the East coast, you have:  

  • Kaimu beach park  
  • Richardson Beach Park  
  • Onekahakaha Beach Co park 
  • Carlsmith Beach Park  
  • Kapoho tide pools 

There are beaches close to the Kohala resorts, Waimea, and the West Coast. 

2. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Want to experience one of the most exciting island activities? Well, you must visit the Hawaii Volcanoes national park. Seen by millions of tourists every year, the Kilauea volcano is the most active volcano. Others include Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Kohala, and Hualalai.  

A trip to the national park starts at the Volcano village. You will get a short introduction on the Kilauea volcano, a visit to the Jagga museum and Halema’uma’u crater overpass. Other things to do on the big island include day hikes in the park, seeing lava and a visit to the Volcano art center. 

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3. Take a Helicopter Tour

Want to see fresh lava flows or hidden waterfalls? How about lava lakes located in the Pu’uO’o and Halema’uma’u craters? Well then, book one of the helicopter tours.  

By doing so, you get to experience waterfalls, dramatic cliffs, and volcano vents such as the 2018 LERZ. The best thing about helicopter tours is that they get you close to the action. In fact, most helicopter tours will take you over the lava found in the cone. 

4. Explore with ATV Tours

Want to explore the beautiful but difficult to access places like wild forests? Take the big island ATV tours. These tours take you through 10+ miles of scenic landscape, historic sites, and private islands. 

Before the ATV tour, you will receive a short crash course and safety briefing on driving the ATV. Follow the guide, and he will take you through different scenic points.   

Snacks are available at various stops, and you may even take a quick swim at a waterfall.

Things to Do on the Big Island with Your Family

There are more things to do on the Big Island. You can tour the Thurston lava tube, go biking, camping, golfing, hiking and other family activities in Kona, Hawaii. You also have the opportunity of exploring hot ponds, manta ray night drive, hula, and luau performances. 

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