Offering lodging and ample spaces to millions of passengers every year and numerous flights at different locations, Schiphol Airport acts as an epicenter for several tourist attractions and destinations.

The capital of the Netherlands is an entrance to an ultimate holiday vacation. With an elongated canal network, beautiful and quirky houses, rich culture and history, and numerous museums to learn from, Amsterdam’s trip can be as elaborate as you like. But to cherish, enjoy and touch down each aspect of this city, do plan and pre-book Schiphol luggage storage at the airport and be relaxed and enjoy the freedom of hassle-free and luggage-free vacations in Amsterdam.

Schiphol airport makes a gateway to this fun and exciting city. With eternal, unlimited things to do in the city, you will surely need some space to safely and securely keep your bags while enjoying the fun city Netherlands. To the passengers’ convenience here at the airports, multiple Schiphol luggage storage stores are safe and quickly accessible. You can pre-plan in advance to book such services online and can quickly drop your luggage off there at one of the Schiphol luggage storage and begin your fun trip to Amsterdam.

From walking at Art Jordaan and adoring those art galleries, the beautiful gleaming courtyard gardens, and enthralling small pubs and bars to gazing by the glorified and majestic museums such as The Royal Concertgebouw and Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam will keep you indulge with or something other to do till you desire for. The only specific thing that comes in between your fun tours is the luggage and heavy bags you have to carry with you. This baggage slows down the enthusiasm and the explorer pace within you. To overcome this, storing your bags at a safe and secure place is the best recommendation for you. Also, many Schiphol luggage storage service providers are available at the airport to safeguard your luggage for hours, days, or even weeks with economical costs. So, leaving bags at a reliable and safe place will surely make your day more exciting and enchanting and help you provide the best of your time without having any worries!

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the worldwide spread of the Covid-19 disease, some additional obligations and guidelines have been introduced at Schiphol Airport. This involves social distancing (1.5 meters), especially when you are in a queue, and put on a face mask, etc. For more information regarding this, you can visit the airport’s website.

Here’s the list of all the things to do on a layover at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam:

More than millions of passengers travel through the airport per year without seizing the opportunity to explore the beautiful and stunning attractions, historic towns situated within reach near the Schiphol airport, or Amsterdam’s UNESCO World Heritage canals. We have listed down in terms of your layover duration all the things to do at Amsterdam Schiphol airport. We included everything related to all the things to see, how to visit Amsterdam, and what to do in a short time. All the attractions and destinations to visit and explore while your layover at the Schiphol airport may include:

For The Length Of 1โ€“2 Hours:

Being very specific, you can’t think of exploring anything in such tight schedules. So be ready to move for your next flight! You must also remember that if you are traveling between a long-haul or a non-Schengen European destination and a Schengen destination in the European Unionโ€“or vice-versaโ€“ then you will have to pass by passport/security controls. Also, there are fast-track lanes available there if you have a very tight connection.

For The Length Of 2โ€“4 Hours:

To keep yourself occupied there are lots of things to do at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. If you are already having access to the airline lounge, then you can indeed spend time there. If not, then there is no need to worry and relax as you can relax at one of the airport lounge chairs that are scattered everywhere at the airport.

Here, you can also engage yourself with shiatsu massage in one of the Massage-o-Matic chairs. There are even spas that offer various spa treatments as well as other salon facilities, including pedicure, manicure, etc. An alternative option is to sit at any of the public lounges where, or you can also do, what mostly transit passengers do: sit around at one of the numerous bars and cafes, and get together with other fellow transit passengers, etc.

There are also two hotels inside the terminal, namely, Yotel and Mercure, where you can pre-book a room for a few hours to enjoy a shower and rest.

If you love and enjoy shopping, you’ll be in love with the multitude of shopping options at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. You will find everything from fashion to electronics to books and chocolates, toys, accessories, and jewelry.

For The Length 4 hours or longer:

Suppose you are having a layover of four hours or longer. In that case, you can make up for a quick visit and explore Amsterdam or nearby Amsterdamโ€™s towns for some real fun moments, particularly if you have already checked your luggage and you are having your boarding passes for the onward flight.

You can quickly grab the trains that run straight from the airport on a very recurring basis to Amsterdam and other nearby towns. From here, the journey to Amsterdam Centraal takes almost 20 minutes. Another alternative option is to book a three-hour transit city tour. The tour guide will connect with you from the airport only and will guide you to all of Amsterdamโ€™s beautiful sights, and after the completion of the tour, they will bring you back to the airport.

Alternative Options For A Quick Visit To Explore Amsterdam And Surrounding Attractions:

You can begin your journey alone, book the return tickets, and grab the train to Amsterdam Centraal. Do make sure that the train you get boards on the train that goes to Centraal. After reaching there, you can opt to go for a canal tour of about 1.5 hours along the canals.

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