If you want to watch your favorite movies and TV shows, it is possible and easy with HBO Now. This platform is perfect for you if you’re going to get updated with the latest episode of some trending TV series. With its features and interface, you can find the content that you want easier and hassle-free. Aside from this article, you always learn more about hbo now. So here are the things that you need to know about HBO Now.

HBO Now Compatibility

Smart TV:

  • Fire TV Stick
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Samsung TV
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV



  • macOS
  • Windows


  • Chromecast
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 3
  • Roku

How Can You Use HBO Now on Your Mobile Device?

There will be times that we can’t use our computers, especially when we travel or go outside our houses, the idle moment that people experience during the flight or while on a journey feels like forever. Luckily, we always have our smartphones to entertain us wherever we are. Plus, you can do a lot of things with your phone, which includes streaming HBO Now movies and series.

You don’t have to worry because using this platform on your phone is quite simple. You only need to download HBO Now from Google Play or App Store. You need to register your account and pay the monthly subscription to access its vast-library content. Browse across the greatest collections of HBO via the “Quick Hits” and “Featured” segments. Or you can tap its menu that you can find at the top part corner of HBO Now to view the broadened categories.

How Much is The Monthly Subscription of HBO Now?

If you want to enjoy its content, there is a monthly subscription that you need to pay, but it’s a little pricey compared to other platforms. Now, it will cost you $14.99 a month subscription for HBO Now, and by contrast, Prime Video and Netflix start at $8.99 a month, and Hulu will cost you $5.99 per month. Users are given a free trial for 30 days if it’s their first time subscribing to HBO Now. But if you don’t like this platform while you are on a free trial, you don’t have to worry about anything.

How Many Users Can Use HBO Now simultaneously?

While sharing an HBO Now account to some people is not recommended, it is quite surprising that lax HBO is okay with the account sharing. The truth is, the $14.99 a month subscription can allow an account to be shared up to 3 devices at once. Plus, there is even no limitation on the gadgets that users can register their accounts. However, it is recommended that you only share your account details with a few people since sharing it with many leechers might ruin your watchlist.


Now that some of your questions are answered, you need to start downloading or using this platform and subscribe to it. You can watch a lot of trending and popular TV shows and movies when you have access to HBO Now.

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