The moments one experiences after an accident are often filled with a sense of being overwhelmed and people often go into a state of shock. However, the way you react after sustaining a car accident injury or accident injury can determine whether or not you will be able to claim compensation for your troubles. By always being prepared and ensuring that you take the right steps in case of an unfortunate incident, you would at least be sure that you would qualify for fair compensation from the judicial system. Listed below are a few Do’s and Don’ts that one should follow after an accident.


1. Do remain on the scene of the accident

Car Accidents And Your Insurance

Under most transportation codes it is absolutely essential that you do not leave the crime scene. Abruptly leaving the crime scene without reporting to the relevant authorities may compromise your situation as the victim.

2. Do report the accident

Irrespective of whether or not there are any personal injuries or property damage, it is essential that you report the accident to the relevant authorities in your area.

3. Do document everything you possibly can

Whether this is in the form of photographs or videos, try to document as much as you possibly can. You can take pictures of your car after an accident and of any injuries you may have sustained. You may also take pictures of the other party’s car and of your surroundings.

4. Do get medical help

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It is crucial that you seek medical help right after your accident irrespective of whether or not you may have sustained any physical injuries. Injuries are often not that apparent and it could be dangerous not going to the doctor after an accident. Also, you may lose your chances at claiming compensation if you delay your visit to the doctor.

5. Do seek help from a lawyer

You should get in touch with an attorney or a law firm you are familiar with cases of car injury compensations and claims. They would be very helpful and guide you through the entire process of claiming compensation for your ordeal.


1. Don’t discuss the accident with the other party


While you may need to speak to the other party to gain some documentation, whatever you do, do not discuss the accident or what caused it with the other party. Do not apologize in any form because a simple “sorry” now could be misconstrued in court as a sign of you accepting your guilt. Do not blame the other party and do not let the blame come onto you either.

2. Don’t get your car repaired

Getting your car repaired after an accident could lead to you wiping away any possible evidence of the crash. You should delay getting your car repaired until all possible evidence has been gathered by the right authorities. If needed, rent a car to get around. You may later on claim car rental expenses as well in your compensation if needed.

3. Do not sign a medical release

The other party’s insurance company is likely to contact you to sign a medical release which is essentially a document that would give them access to your medical history. It is essential that you do not give anyone access to your medical records because the insurance company is likely to use your medical history against you in court.

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