Import and export have gradually become a key component of international commerce. Dating back as far as the 1st millennium BC, long-distance transport vessels like ships were discovered and used to cargo containers from one destination to the other. So, it’s no surprise that today’s business people depend on shipping companies to convey their packages to buyers.

Besides commercial items, shipping domestic goods to different destinations is rapidly becoming easier thanks to technological advancements. More so, the shipping business is quite lucrative and fast-growing but could yield little to no profits without the standard tools in place.

Below is an outline of things every shipping company needs

1. Proper Packaging Equipment

Every shipping company needs to have the right packing equipment. In fact, it’s a no brainer since packaging will take an integral part of your day. You’ll need things like paperboard boxes, chipboard packaging, poly bags, and shrink tunnels. A shrink tunnel, in particular, is a heated chamber fitted with conveyor systems. The hot air from their tunnel-like structure heats the shrink wrap, melding it to the product wrapped within.

To achieve this, it’s best to purchase quality shrinkwraps; this is where companies like US Packaging & Wrapping LLC come in. This is one of the top suppliers of quality shipping and packaging material. They’re customer-driven and reliable based on reviews from customers. What’s more, their products are high-quality and affordable. In addition to heat tunnel machine & heat shrink tunnels, they also offer vacuum conveyors, packing tapes, kraft papers, bag sealers, stretch film dispensers, etc.

2. Efficient Material Handling Systems

shipping company needs

The first most essential thing every shipping company needs is proper machinery. This can be for handling cranes, industrial trucks, and pallets or keeping the packages stable while being lifted. A sound conveyor system constitutes this. However, it’s advised for shipping companies (especially larger ones) to have well-functioning industrial conveyors for assembly operations.

Industrial conveyors transport bulk material through long and short distances at controlled rates. Their common conveyor types include; belt conveyors, slat conveyors, floor conveyors, chain conveyors, vacuum conveyors, and roller conveyors (gravity roller conveyors and live roller conveyors). To get good quality conveyor types, reputable companies like Dorner should be consulted; they offer various conveyor solutions.

Dorner is a manufacturing company widely known for producing and supplying quality machinery and equipment. They supply conveyor equipment in various sizes and offer services like operational testing and equipment start-up. Various water treatment plants, production plants, and equipment manufacturers utilize their conveyor belts. In fact, a good number of well-known shipping companies use their products, which has earned them well-deserved customer loyalty. Founded in 1911, Dorner has expanded its services across the US and Canada. They also have a strong customer base worldwide since they bring extensive experience to the table.

3. Shipping Logistics

shipping company needs

Without reliable logistics, a shipping company is nothing! To ensure that there are no setbacks and that goods are delivered safely and on-time, it’s vital to have connections with delivery services like UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Aside from the fact that all these shipping companies are known for their reliability, they’re also accessible worldwide. Therefore, they can serve as ready options if anything goes wrong with your own equipment or during hectic holiday periods.

4. Up-to-Date Permits and Licenses

shipping company needs

To start a shipping business, a legal permit or license might be required. Depending on the city you’re located in, you might require further documents authorizing certain shipping activities. For example, retail sales and business licenses are a must-have if you want business operations to run smoothly.

5. Insurance

shipping company needs

Getting the right trade insurance is essential for every shipping company. This will be a safety net in the case of an accident or damage to customer goods. It may be a bit costly at first, but a full cover for every vehicle, piece of machinery, and building in use is advised. Also, business liability insurance will have you covered in the case of a workplace accident.

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