Maintaining a clean house isn’t the easiest endeavor. Most of us have other obligations, like work or taking care of children. With so much on our plates, the house takes a backseat a lot of the time.

The good news? There are cleaning gadgets out on the market that make your life a whole lot easier.

These gadgets end up saving you huge chunks of time by aiding in your cleaning regimen. Some of them even do all of the work for you!

If you’re looking for some help around the house, check out these awesome gadgets down below.

1. Vacuum Robots

By now, we’ve all seen those cute commercials. The ones where little circular robot vacuums run around the floor and suck up all of the dirt for us. Some cats even seem to enjoy riding on top of them like the robots are their personal chauffeurs.

There are a lot of different robot vacuums on the market these days, such as the eternal battle of Roomba 980 vs Botvac D7. But no matter which specific brand you buy, these little guys are bound to be a great asset to your home.

They cut down the number of times you need to vacuum your home. And, if you’re a pet owner, these little robots are vital in keeping pet hair under control.

2. Grill Cleaning Robots

Similar to the vacuum robots, this kind of automatic grill cleaning robot is one of the best cleaning gadgets during the summer. You’ll no longer need to wait for the grill to cool down and then go out to scrub and scrub some more at the grill.

Instead, push a button and place this little robot on the grill-even if the grill is still going hot! It will spin its grill cleaning brushes and clean off any food residue.

Your grill will be all set and ready to go the next time you want to have an outdoor barbecue.

3. Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

As much as we love our cats, no one enjoys cleaning up their litter boxes. But we do it so that our cats have the best care. And also so it doesn’t stink up our houses.

These special little boxes, however, make it so that entire process is quick and easy. Through a unique sifting process, the litter box separates the cat’s waste from the cleaner litter. Then, it leaves that waste in an extra compartment, waiting for you to throw it away.

This process keeps the litter clean for your cat, makes clean up easier for you, and also keeps smells from developing and permeating into your home.

4. Scrubbing Mops

A clean home makes for a happy home, which gives families better mental health overall. But getting down to scrub at dirty floors isn’t the most exhilarating activity we do as adults.

With the help of these self-scrubbing mops, you’ll get to remove that backbreaking necessity from your to-do list. Instead, you’ll only need to sweep this special mop over your floors as the spinning scrub brushes do all of the hard work for you. Add a little water and a little soap and watch those brushes go.

It’s both quicker and fun!

5. Blinds-Dusting Brushes

Our blinds are not often at the top of our daily cleaning list, but they do need our attention every once in a while. But cleaning off each individual blade is a tedious and boring job. It’s a time-consuming process that can make any person frustrated.

With the help of a three-pronged dusting brush, cleaning off blinds can become a breeze. You get to clean 3 blades for the price of one. Plus, with the material on this brush, the dust comes off with no problem at all.

The extra bonus about this brush is you won’t need to use any excess cleaner to help get the job done.

6. Window Squeegees

When it comes to window cleaning, the spraying of window cleaner is the fun part. But wiping away the cleaner to get away all of the streaks is no fun at all. It takes a deft and experienced hand to get that pane of glass to cooperate.

With this window squeegee, you’ll no longer have any trouble with streaking. With only a few swipes, your windows will be clean and streak-free. Some of these squeegees even have a spray mechanism, letting you skip the extra bottle of cleaner altogether.

7. Automatic Toilet Cleaning Systems

If you’ve ever used a bleach tablet, you’ll be happy to hear that this new cleaning system is even better than that. And, it’s less likely to do lasting damage to your toilet in the long run.

This cleaning system adds a safe cleaning solution to the water every time you flush. It makes it so that you won’t have to scrub at the toilet ever again. Instead, this toilet cleaner keeps everything rinsed and shining all on its own.

It does it in a way that doesn’t have any potential to clog up or damage the inner plumbing of the toilet itself. So it’s a win-win for everyone.

8. Gutter Scoops

Although this is the least advanced on our list of cool cleaning gadgets, it is no less important. Gutters are one of the parts of our houses that don’t get enough love.

But if they aren’t cleaned on a regular basis, those leaves can wreak havoc on your home. With the help of this long reaching scoop, you can clear out all of that heavy collection of leaves with a single motion.

You’ll have clean gutters in no time and it won’t have taken much effort at all.

Enjoy an Easy Cleaning Routine With These Cleaning Gadgets

As you can see, these cleaning gadgets are excellent at getting the nitty gritty done in an easy and efficient way. With their help, you’ll be able to shave off a lot of time every day when it comes to cleaning up the house.

They’re a welcome addition to any household. Don’t hesitate to get the extra cleaning help you deserve!

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at any time.

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Attention and awareness are gold for a business trying to grow and penetrate a new market. However, many chalk up awareness as something that happens after one does enough marketing or advertising.

And that’s where the importance of building popularity gets lost. Instead, awareness has to be cultivated. And there are seven clear ways a business can do this in merchandise management and focused marketing:

1. Awareness should be automatic

When people hear a loud noise, an unexpected yell, a bright light or similar they react and turn towards it. What’s going on? Where did that come from? What is it? People don’t think under this condition; they automatically react. Ideally, a business wants consumers to react automatically or close to it. The awareness and following reaction should just be mechanical versus a long, thought-out process.

2. The product or service is part of the consumer’s paradigm

The trick to entering a paradigm is to get the consumer to become familiar and then accepting the regular presence of a product or service. For example, everyone is familiar with Intel and computers. Why? Because the brand has become part of the desktop paradigm.

3. Disrupt the normal conditions with a positive change

People pay attention to changes that don’t fit the norm. Where the change is negative, they steer away. However, where the change is positive, it creates an opportunity for people to become very interested. For example, a new product or service that makes a regular chore or function considerably easier is a disruption. People notice it and want to tell others.

4. Create a reward for being interested

Dopamine is the chemical in the brain that gets released when we receive a reward. And our brain wants more of it all the time. So we quickly align rewards with those things that trigger and repeatedly create more dopamine. This biological driver should not be ignored; it’s often a primal driver that gets people to want or buy something even if logically they should do something else.

5. Reputation matters

Popularity can be generated quickly by a new, immediate change or huge sensation, but it doesn’t sustain when the “newness” dies down. Instead, it’s a business reputation that sustains popularity and keeps it going. Referrals, good opinions, recommendation all build and continue to spread awareness of a reputation. That continued cycle solidifies a market and customer retention over time.

6. Curiosity killed the cat

People frequently stop to look at something interesting and new. Curiosity is one of the key aspects of humanity that makes us different animals which typically run away from the unknown, not towards it. Ignoring people’s natural habit of being curious about the new is literally leaving money on the table.

7. Keeping up with the Joneses

We seek validation from our peers. And that feeling comes in the form of acknowledgment from others when we appear to achieve a level of success or accomplishment. Products and services are one way that quick acknowledgment is achieved from peers. A business using this theme frequently sees its popularity steadily go up.

Businesses can use other methods for successful merchandise management, but the seven areas above have proven to be the ones that have consistent returns. Understanding the science behind these areas gives a business far more ammunition in sales, and it’s a lot better than just building mousetraps.

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