When you think of divorce, you probably think of a single process every divorced couple goes through. A process that involves filing paperwork and eventually meeting with a judge to decide the final details.

While this is one version of divorce, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. With an estimated 40 to 50 percent of American marriages not lasting, there are many types of divorce to accommodate all of the different situations that separated couples are dealing with.

If you are considering divorce or have already decided to file, here are your choices for going through the process.

Arbitration Divorce

One of the many divorce types is arbitration. This is usually necessary when a couple cannot agree on a specific topic, such as who will pay for a certain bill. In this case, an arbitrator will act as a judge and make the final decision.

Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce is one of the kinds of divorce you can have. This usually occurs when a couple cannot agree on a specific issue. Rather than use an arbitrator or mediator, each party will hire legal counsel and work together towards a final agreement.

Contested Divorce

A contested divorce is one of the more difficult divorces. It occurs when both parties cannot agree on the details and must leave their disputes in the hands of a judge. Contested divorces can take a long time to resolve and are usually caused by one of the 4 Major Red Flags That Predict Divorce.

Default Divorce

One of the different types of divorce is the default divorce. This occurs when one party files for a divorce and the other party never responds and cannot be found. In this situation, the divorce is granted by default.

Fault Divorce

If you are wondering what kinds of divorces are there, one that is becoming outdated is the fault divorce. While proving fault for a divorce used to be common, it is now only an option in Louisiana, Arizona, and Arkansas. In these states, one party has to prove the other is responsible for the dissolution of the marriage.

No-Fault Divorce

One of the most common divorce options is the no-fault divorce. This occurs when there is no conflict about the details of the divorce. Both couples agree to the terms and the divorce is finalized quickly and easily.

Mediation Divorce

A mediation divorce occurs when both parties cannot agree on some details and require mediation. The mediator helps with communication so both parties can come to an agreement. The judge can then use the agreement to finalize the divorce.

These Are the Types of Divorce

There are many types of divorce that can occur.

You might have an arbitration, collaborative, or no-fault divorce. You may also have a contested or fault divorce. Depending on the needs of the separated couple, there are also default and mediation divorces.

If you are going through a divorce, consider which type is the best for you and your situation.

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