Are you a gambler?  Maybe you like to hit the casino every now and then to blow off some steam?  Perhaps you are a full-on degenerate? Whatever your story if you gamble at all you will go through several ups and downs.  The trick is to manage those ups and downs in the proper manner before you try Johnny Jackpot for free.

Sometimes it’s best just to walk away.  If you hit a downturn the best thing to do is give it a few minutes to try and recover.  If things don’t start looking up fast then cut your losses and live to fight another day.  If you don’t make the right decision here then you could end up losing everything, and that’s not good for anyone no matter how rich or poor you may be.

It doesn’t matter if you are playing slots, poker, craps, or blackjack; the rules are the same.  Learning to walk away can be the difference in losing $5,000 and $50,000. Nobody wants to do that right?  You need to learn to give your head a shake and get the F… out of there. Don’t let the pretty cocktail waitresses who are putting free drinks in your hand entice you either.

Set a Limit

To help you with the practice of cutting your losses it’s always best to have a limit.  Say $1,000 or something like that. Tell yourself before you walk into the casino that if you do end up losing $1,000 you are done.  You have to get up and leave the premises immediately and expediently.  Maybe it’s only $500 dollars, whatever your number is, you need to set it and adhere to it, strictly.  

The way to do it is to assess your pocketbook and tell yourself what you can afford to lose, but don’t kid yourself on this point here.  You can’t afford to be delusional now, your financial future depends on it.  

What Should I Play?

Choosing a game to play is a matter of personal preference.  However, some games are better for people with more money than less.  Take Craps for instance. You want to have a solid bankroll to put yourself in the position to succeed.  The bare minimum one should have before they step up to the Craps table is $200. That is the bare minimum, no questions asked.  If you don’t have at least this much money you will lose, trust me.  

If you are on the low end of funds then Slots is probably the game for you.  It’s an extremely boring game and there is no skill involved whatsoever, but you can sit there for hours with a couple hundred dollars.  But, you may end up winning thousands if you hit the right spin.  

Poker and Blackjack require a medium size bankroll and they are games that you actually have to use your brain a little bit and even have some savvy or skill, along with a lot of luck of course.

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