Each year about 1.25 million private homes complete construction. Whether you’re an experienced builder or just beginning your first home build, it helps to have a builder checklist. There are countless elements to think about and several phases to a home build project.

A construction checklist will keep you organized, on track, and prepared for each phase of the home construction. This guide will help you begin to create your new construction checklist.

Early Stages

The early stages of construction are the perfect time to order your materials and supplies. You should plan to prepare the land for building with excavation, earthmoving, and retaining walls.

Once the land is ready, you should pour the foundation and prepare the underground utility hookups. You’ll need to make necessary arrangements with the concrete supplier and local authorities for building code compliance.


The next phase is to construct the bones of the building. This means you’ll need the materials for building with brick, block, and wood framing. You should also confirm that the flooring supports are in place.

Plumbing and Electrical

Now that you have the basic structure of the home, you can bring in the plumbing and electrical crews. Have all of the plumbing pipes and electrical wiring installed while the walls aren’t finished.

This is also the time to have other utilities installed. If the home requires gas, then those lines should also be installed. Any HVAC system components should also get installed.


While the utilities get installed on the interior of the building, you should also plan on having the roof completed. This will close the building in and protect the interior from weather elements. It will also give you solid structural support for the HVAC system getting installed in the attic.


The next phase of the construction process is to finish the interior. The interior walls will have drywall installed. Then you’ll work your way through each room, installing the finishing touches and appliances.

Some rooms, like the kitchen and bathrooms, will require more work than others, like the bedrooms.


The outside of the home also needs finishing. This includes installing siding, soffit, flashing, and any exterior porch fixtures and railings. You should also inspect the exterior for water tightness.

Finishing Stages

In the finishing stages of construction, you should plan to finish the property around the home. This means arranging for landscaping and driveway pouring. Doing this late in the process ensures that it doesn’t get damaged during the build.

You’ll need to decide if the driveway will be concrete or asphalt. If you decide on asphalt, there are several specialists, such as https://asphaltpavingsanantonio.com/, who can construct a quality driveway that will last for years.

Create Your Construction Checklist

With this basic construction checklist, you can begin to create and expand your own checklist. That way, you know all of the construction supplies and tasks you need to complete when building a home.

With experience, you’ll be able to build on your checklist to include more detailed items. Eventually, you’ll have a smooth-running system for building homes.

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