Did you know that Disney World gets about 48 million guests each year? On opening day Disney World received 10,422 guests. This shows how fast it’s grown.

Disney also employs about 77,000 cast members. It’s estimated that about 150,000 people ride the monorail in Disney World each day. About 75 million cokes are consumed each year, 13 million bottles of water, and 1.8 million pounds of turkey legs!

Disney World really is a unique place. If you’re interested in visiting Disney then you should check out this guide for some tips to make planning the trip a breeze.

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Find Where to Stay First

Find Where to Stay First

When plan visiting Disney you should first consider your options for where to stay. You can always rent a hotel or home in the nearby area.

A better option is to stay at a Disney hotel in one of the parks. If you purchase a DVC contract you can stay at your very own property at a much better rate. Make sure to ask how long are DVC contracts are to know how long you’ll be able to use the property before your contract expires.

Chose a Date

Next on the list is choosing a date. While the time you choose to take your vacation may depend on when you can get some time off at work, you should also consider other factors that’ll make your trip easier.

You might be planning to attend the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot, this typically occurs between August and November. The holiday decorations go up in mid-November and come down in early January if you prefer to visit during this time.

The great thing about Florida is that it tends to have great weather all year long. If you want to avoid some of the Florida heat you should consider going before the start of summer in June.

You’ll see the most crowds on weekends and during the holiday season. Visiting Disney during the off-season could be the best option for you.

Buy Your Tickets Ahead of Time

Buy Your Tickets Ahead of Time

Before you visiting Disney World you should purchase your tickets. It might seem simple to get to the park and buy your tickets there but you can save by doing some planning.

Ticket fees can increase every year so if you buy months in advance you might save a few dollars. You should also consider buying multiple-day park passes so you can save even more.

Figure Out Transportation

If you’re only a couple of hours away from Disney then making the drive is the best way to get there. If you need to take a flight then start looking a few months in advance.

The great thing about staying at a Disney property is that you don’t have to worry about looking for or paying for parking. Buses are available to take you from Disney hotels and resorts directly to the park and back at the end of your day. There’s no need to have to drive after a long day enjoying the parks.

Dress Comfortably

Dress Comfortably

When going to Disney World you should dress comfortably. While you might want to wear a cute outfit for pictures with friends and family, remember that you’ll be doing a lot of walking. Walking along with the typical hot weather in Florida, especially in the summer months, requires clothes that won’t wear you down.

Opt for what you’d wear at the gym or during a hike. Running shoes and activewear are the best option when visiting Disney. Make sure to bring a hat and some sunglasses too.

Plan Out Your Day

Once you have your hotel booked and your tickets purchased it’s time to plan out your entire schedule. It might seem like the opposite of taking a relaxing vacation when you have to do so much preparation but this will help you make the most of your day.

Try to go to the most popular rides early in the day so that you aren’t waiting in extremely long lines. You should also figure out where you’ll be eating your meals ahead of time. Some restaurants require reservations so you should find out before you get there.

Bring Your Own Water Bottle

You’ll get tired and hot as you walk around the parks so it’s important to stay hydrated. You don’t want to spend all of your food budgets on buying water bottles though.

You can bring your own reusable water bottle into the park and when that water finishes any restaurant in the park can give you a cup of water and ice for free.

If you need some snacks between meals you can also bring your own. Things that fit in a small backpack like chips or cookies are a perfect choice.

Prepare for the Weather

Visiting Disney means spending some time outdoors. Preparing for any changes in the weather is vital.

This is why you should always pack an umbrella in case of rain. Make sure you bring extra sunscreen. A burn from the Florida sun is no joke.

Arrive Early

The most important tip on this list is to arrive early. Get to the park before it opens so you can be first in line.

This will help ensure you get to ride your favorite and some of the most popular rides before the big crowds start coming in.

Embrace These Tips When Visiting Disney

Embrace These Tips When Visiting Disney

Visiting Disney is a trip of a lifetime. You and your family will have a blast whether it’s your first time or you’ve visited the parks many times.

The tips on this list will help make planning your trip easy. Remember to book your stay and buy your tickets ahead of time.

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