Guns are a hot topic in America.

The debate over gun control has been going on for decades, and it doesn’t seem like there’s any end in sight. But what if we could find common ground? What if we could agree that guns should be stored safely and responsibly?

If you’re looking to store your firearms the right way, this article is for you! We’ll cover everything – including biometric safes and hidden wall safes. And don’t forget about insurance, in case someone steals your firearms!

What do you need to know about gun storage? Read on to find out!

Safe vs. Wall Mounted Gun Storage

Safe vs. Wall Mounted Gun Storage

Let’s start with the basics. You can store your weapons in a safe, or you can mount them on the wall. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Safes tend to be larger than wall-mounted racks. They’re naturally better at storing multiple firearms of different sizes.

On the other hand, safes are much harder to access. You can’t grab a single gun and be ready to defend yourself in an instant.

Instead, you’ll have to get inside the safe, rifle through several firearms before you even get your hands on the one you want. Then you’ll still have to take it out of its storage sleeve or tray.

Wall-mounted racks aren’t ideal for extensive collections. But it is much easier to pull a single gun out of its storage spot than it is to access the contents of a safe.

When considering where you want your guns, ask yourself a couple of questions. How many guns do you own? Does every member of the household know where the key/combination/biometric profile is stored?

Guns and children can be a dangerous mix. You’ll want to think carefully about the kinds of locks you use to keep your firearms out of the hands of unqualified users.

Staying Safe With Kids in the House

Staying Safe With Kids in the House

You’ll need to make extra gun storage preparations if you have children, especially if you have toddlers!

The first step is to get yourself a biometric safe, digital combination safe, or critical lockbox. If you can’t afford a digital variety or fingerprint safe – or if you prefer more classic storage methods – then consider securing your guns with a double-sided key lockbox.

You can mount it to the wall by your bedside or in your closet. The next time you look into a guns and gear giveaway, see what type of biometric options are available.

When You Need More Space

If you have an entire arsenal of guns, safes are your best choice. But they aren’t precisely space-efficient. Even if someone has the key to your safety, they’ll still need the space to open and rifle through its contents.

You can also use a storage rack like this one. It’s mounted directly on the wall and features six different storage spots for handguns or rifles. You could use it as a small collection display or store several dozen firearms in one convenient location.

Hidden Weapon Storage

Are you worried about thieves breaking into your home and stealing your firearms? You may want to consider a hidden wall safe. This is perfect if you have an extensive collection that you don’t want to leave at the bottom of your closet.

Hidden wall safes use natural drywall panels, so they blend in seamlessly with the walls of your home. You’ll never even know they’re there!

You could also use a similar hidden wall safe that mounts behind your existing bathroom mirror. It’s disguised as an ordinary-looking cabinet. But when you pull the door to open it, the hinged section swings outwards, providing access to the contents of your hidden wall safe. It looks fantastic, and it’s an efficient way to store your guns!

The military teaches to find a safe room and create a fatal funnel during a home invasion. With your guns in the bathroom, you can use the space to accomplish both goals!

Do You Need Liability Gun Insurance?

Do You Need Liability Gun Insurance

A firearm is a significant investment, but it’s even more important to make sure you can protect your assets when they get stolen. If you decide to store your guns in a safe or on the wall, then consider adding liability gun insurance coverage as well.

You never know what might happen – and that’s why you must prepare for the unexpected. How does gun liability insurance work?

It’s a lot like any other type of insurance. You’ll get a customized policy based on the type of firearms you own and the amount of protection you need. Most insurance companies will offer free quotes online.

Where Should Ammunition Go?

Pop quiz! Should guns and bullets go together in the same safe?


There’s a couple of reasons for storing guns and ammo separately.

For one, it’s not safe to mix your ammunition with the firearms you use for personal defense. You don’t want to make it possible for someone to fire live ammo accidentally.

Another reason is that different types of guns need different kinds of bullets. For example, shotguns typically require larger rounds than rifles do – and you’ll want to be sure that you’re using the correct ammunition for your firearms.

Separating your ammunition will help you to avoid these kinds of problems. It will also make it easier to clean and maintain your guns once they’re back in use. You won’t end up with dirty or damaged bullets that could impact the performance of your weapon during a hunt!

Ammunition shelves are also great for storing ammunition in bulk. They’re accurate, easy to organize and work well with other types of gun racks.

Choosing Gun Safety With the Right Storage

You want your guns to be secure and in good working order. That’s why proper storage is so important. If you’ve never given serious thought to storing your weapons, it’s time to update your collection with something new and exciting.

Decide which gun storage method will work best for you, and start exploring the different designs today. Will you be getting a modern biometric safe? Perhaps a hidden storage area is more your style. For more helpful tips, please explore the rest of our site.

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