Over six out of every ten Americans are stressed about work and it’s no surprise.

Daily life can get exhausting after a while. You might have considered taking a self care day to help you unwind and clear your head – should you?

Read on and find out how to have the ultimate self care day for you

Starting off Your Self Care Day

When it comes to waking up, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. If you usually have to wake up and start work early, you might want to have a lie-in.

In contrast, if you’d rather grab the day by the horns, setting your alarm and waking up early might be a good idea.

If you can, try not to spend your first-hour awake scrolling through social media. Get out of bed, brush your teeth, get showered and dressed, and have a filling breakfast – not just a coffee!

What Should You Try?

Everyone’s self care days will be different, and there’s no right or wrong answer. Here, we’ve got some self care strategies for how to take better care of yourself, so that you can have your ultimate day, from when you wake up to hitting the pillow again at night.


Put yourself in the best frame of mind early on by writing down your accomplishments. Looking back on past successes can make you more motivated to be productive in the present.

Take note of your goals too, or just a to-do list for the day if you’d rather focus on the short term. You might find it beneficial just to journal, expressing your thoughts and feelings instead of keeping them inside.

Exercise and Eat Healthily

Working out helps us both physically and mentally, and gives us a clear sense of satisfaction once we’re finished.

If you can get in some physical activity and manage to eat some healthy food instead of reaching for your favorite take-out app, you’re really making the most of your self care day.

Clean and Tidy

If your home, room, or desk are messy and full of clutter, doing a bit of tidying up can be therapeutic. Not only does it make you feel better at the time, but it also has a great effect going forward as on your busier days you’ll have a neater environment to work with.

Read a Book or Meditate

What’s that, you’d rather relax on your self care day than do housework? Instead of being glued to your phone, try reading that book you haven’t had the time to get started on.

If that’s got you feeling chilled, you could do some meditation too. It helps to clear your mind and revitalize yourself – there are a number of apps and videos out there to help you.

Stretch or Try Yoga

You might want to do this after you exercise. If you have some aches and pains or are just looking for another way to de-stress, this sort of body movement works like a dream!

There’s plenty of advice out there for chiropractic self-help for a great effect on both your body and mind.

Self Care Is Important

Whether you do everything listed here or just take on board a couple of our tips, you need to make time for a self care day every so often.

It’s easy to get stressed and weighed down by work and the routines of daily life, so make sure you don’t forget to have some time for yourself!

If you’re looking for more advice on looking after yourself, check out some of our other posts.

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