Are you surprised that Bali attracts over 8.2 million tourists each year?

Many people who have been to Bali say that everything is so dreamy that it’s hard to believe that it’s a real place. The good news is that you can also plan a Bali vacation and have the time of your life.

Since you’ll never want to leave Bali once you land, it’s crucial to get the most out of your precious time there. If you need help figuring out which Bali destinations you should visit, keep reading this guide.

1. Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple

It’s always wise to learn as much as you can about the culture of wherever you’re visiting so you can appreciate your travels more. When it comes to Bali, Uluwatu Temple can give you an incredible taste of the rich culture.

The location is gorgeous and the people who work there put on dance and drama performances that will take your breath away.

2. Seminyak Beach

Bali is known for its unbelievable beaches. While you can’t go wrong with any beach, many tourists enjoy Seminyak Beach the most. Here you can enjoy all kinds of water sports or lounge in the soft sand.

Make sure you stick around until sunset so you can watch the sky transform like you’ve never seen before.

3. Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud Monkey Forest

One of the most unique things to do in Bali is to trek through Ubud Monkey Forest. You would love strolling through the lush forest to take in the scenery, but the rambunctious monkeys take the fun to a new level.

As long as you’re respectful of nature, you can have a front-row seat to all the silly monkey action.

4. Handara Golf & Resort Bali

If you’re on the hunt for the best golf courses in Bali, then you can never go wrong with visiting Handara Golf & Resort Bali. Not only is the course itself beautiful, but you can actually brag that you’ve played golf in the crater of an extinct volcano.

After you’ve worked up a sweat, you can treat yourself to top-notch spa services.

5. Mount Batur

No trip to Bali would be complete without waking up before dawn to climb to the top of Mount Batur to take in the sunrise. This experience is even more special because you’ll share it with other visitors and passionate guides.

You can even enjoy a tasty breakfast that includes eggs cooked by the steam of the caldera.

You Can’t Miss Out on These Bali Destinations

You Can't Miss Out on These Bali Destinations

Although there are countless Bali destinations that are worth your time, this guide provides you with the best of the best. After you add these attractions to your Bali vacation itinerary, you can look forward to going on an unforgettable vacation.

There’s nothing more invigorating than traveling the world. If you have an incurable case of wanderlust, then you’ve come to the right place to plan your bucket list. Take a tour of the rest of our blog so you can get more fabulous travel advice.

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