According to the data, working from home has dramatically increased over the past decade. In fact, this study predicts that by 2028, 73% of all workgroups will have remote workers.

If you’re a part of the growing team of office-free workers, you’ll want to optimize your home office to allow you to be as productive and comfortable as possible.

Keep reading to find out the top 5 ideas for home office setups

1. Choose a Designated Space

One of the benefits of a home office is that you have fewer interruptions from co-workers walking into your office.

However, your family members and roommates can easily fill in their shoes and keep you from being productive. To decrease distractions and increase your efficiency, you’ll want to carve out a space of your home dedicated to your work.

You can convert a closet, a garage, or a spare bedroom into an office. If you don’t have any extra, separate spaces, be sure to at least create an area where you can have a desk for work.

2. Gather Necessary Electronic Equipment

We’re in the digital age. As a result, it’s important to have updated electronics to allow you to get the job done. Depending on your job, you may need additional equipment.

If you have a slow computer or connectivity, you’ll end up wasting a significant time throughout the year waiting for things to load.

You can prevent this by making sure your computer’s processor, memory, and internal drive are top-notch and updated periodically. You’ll also want WiFi optimization so that you have a strong connection to work with.

Additionally, you’ll need to protect your data and equipment. Invest in a surge protector power strip, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and an external storage device. That way, if something goes wrong, you’re covered.

3. Pick Fabulous Furniture

When choosing a desk, keep your needs in mind. Do you need to have space for two monitors or the ability to adjust the angle for drawing?

Try to choose furniture that fits well in your space, meets your needs, and has built-in storage. This will allow you to organize your supplies so that you can keep your desk clutter-free.

You may also want to invest in an ergonomic desk chair. These chairs are designed to decrease work-related pains and aches. They should be stable, adjustable, and supportive so that you can sit comfortably.

It’s worth the investment to buy top-notch furniture. This includes functional storage, shelving, and potentially a standing desk option if you have space. You’ll be spending a lot of time in your office, so choose things that look good and work well.

4. Add Various Light Sources

You don’t want your office to feel like an interrogation room.

Try to add various light sources to utilize ambient and direct lighting. This may include a tall floor lamp, a desk lamp, and natural light from a window.

A simple upgrade to a pre-existing space could be adding adjustable LED light bulbs so that you can change the intensity depending on the time of day.

5. Make It Comfortable

Aside from simply needing equipment, furniture, and proper lighting, your office space should have personal elements to make it your own.

Add plants, framed artwork, and a small armchair with a soft blanket to make the space feel good. Put a decorative rug under your desk and hide all loose cords.

These small additions to your space can increase comfort, which in turn allows you to feel more productive and inspired.

Personalize These Ideas for Home Office Setups

Although there are similarities, home office setups vary by person and profession.

These suggestions are simply the basics. You can choose what you’d like, customize it to fit your style, and add other elements to fit your business needs.

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