In the app store, there are about 500,000 educational apps that you can download.

If you want to spend more time on your phone with some free learning, there are many apps out there that can help you do that.

It’s important to do research before downloading your next educational app. Keep reading for the top 5 best educational apps for adults.

1. Courser

Courser has been proven to be one of the best educational apps available out there. It’s free to use, and the classes follow a schedule.

This app has partnered with all kinds of top colleges to help bring you affordable, quality education. There are over 500 courses to choose from and 20 different subject areas. They are also available in 14 different languages.

When you complete a class, you could get a certificate on it. The app is available for Android and iOS users.

2. TED

Most educational apps will try and teach you fundamental knowledge, a lot of which you may already know.

If you want to learn about how other people see the world and new perspectives, TED offers great speeches from people who are very knowledgeable in their field.

There are hundreds of fields, and you can find everything from science to art to everyday life. No matter what the subject level is, the speaker makes sure that the audience can understand it.

While you can watch these on YouTube, TED will give you rewards for using their app and there is a lot of convenience in using it as well.

3. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the best apps to help you learn a new language.

It’s normally never easy, but this free app can help make it a little bit easier. There are over thirty languages that you can choose from, and the lessons are designed like mini-games.

If you don’t use it in a while, the app will send you reminders to keep going.


BYJU is a good app if you are trying to prepare for a level of higher studies.

They have interesting infographics and quality video content. There is also a mock test at the end to see what you actually learned and where you need to improve.

5. Brainscape

Lastly, Brainscape is a fun flashcard game that will help you double your learning speed. It paces each repetition and teaching perfectly so that you have enough time to actually retain the knowledge.

This app is free to create your own tests and share them as well. You can also find flashcards that other users have made.

There is a subscription option if you want more unlimited content.

If you love this game, check out another favourite flashcard app.

Discover More of The Best Educational Apps for Adults

These are only a few of the best educational apps for adults. There are so many more out there!

Downloading an educational app can be the best way to learn. You can use it on your public commute, when you’re bored at work, or when you’re waiting in the doctor’s office.

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