The Top 4 Luxury Car Models – Ranked

It used to be that luxury cars were only for the elite. You might see a Wall Street banker or a famous actor pull out in a Mercedes, but the average person? Not so much. But for a number of reasons – the prevalence of less expensive lease structures and the introduction of affordable luxury lines – that isn’t the case anymore. More and more people are getting behind the wheel of a luxury car.

To honour that uptick in popularity, this article is ranking the top luxury car models. Whether it’s because of their manufacturer’s storied history, their reputation for making beautiful cars, or their dedication to speed, these models have all been top selling cars this year. Below are the top 4 luxury vehicles to lease and their 2018 Quarter 1 sale percentages.

#4: BMW X3
The 2018 quarter sales sky-rocketed to +34%, making this vehicle a close competitor with the Mercedes-Benz below. It’s estimated that by the end of 2018, this model will be the top-selling vehicle. Take one look at its sleek exterior and size, and it’s easy to see why – people go nuts for SUVs these days. This is a great car for a family, and isn’t all that expensive when you go through lease dealerships like AUTO ONE Group  that do their own financing.

#3: Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class
The 2018 quarter sales rose to +18% in the mid-sized to compact category, thanks in part to the technical upgrades of the GLC. This year marks the fifth year of top sales, beating out the rival Lexus NX model.

#2: Mercedes-Benz C-Class
The 2018 Quarter 1 sales reported a decrease of -8%. A huge hit for the second place leading luxury vehicle. Whatever the reason for the decrease, you can be sure it wasn’t because of the performance and advanced technology, which consumers reported enjoying as features.

#1: Audi Q5
The 2018 quarter sales for the highest-ranking luxury vehicle maintained a spectacular +54%. The Audi Q5 continues to be the highest selling SUV-crossover in the world, thanks in no small part to its superior performance, cutting edge technology and fair price point.

Luxury cars are generally more expensive than regular cars (they have “luxury” in their name after all), but that doesn’t mean they’re totally out of reach – when someone wants to lease a luxury car, the process is not difficult. There are high value costs, maintenance costs, and insurance costs that go along with attaining a high-end car, and because of this, leasing is becoming a more popular first option for luxury cars as opposed to buying.

These top luxury models have been rated high in stability, advanced technology, gas mileage, driving range – meaning off-road capabilities – space, and hands-free technology, which includes Bluetooth and limited self-driving. When the idea strikes to test drive a luxury brand car, consider all the features and measure them against your lifestyle. Outdoor adventure goers will benefit from the crossover SUV’s, while city slickers will enjoy the top performance of the sedan models. There should be something in these four popular luxury cars for everyone!

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