Do you know what most profitable businesses are set to thrive in 2019? Have you been doing some digging and putting money aside? Are you prepared to start a new business?

It’s risky, but can be so rewarding. We’re here to help navigate the waters of a decision. Keep reading this list to run you through some of the best industries to start in 2019.

Top 10 Best Industries in 2019

There’s a lot to choose from, so our key tip for starting a business in one of these best industries is finding the one that also interests you.

Where your passions and talents mix is where you’ll have the most success. Don’t get on board just for the money, because the hard work that’s required to grow these businesses may burn you down. And with everything, do extra research on specific fields, make sure you have all your ducks-in-a-row before you get in the river.

Enjoy this list. We hope it helps you pick one that’s interesting, fulfilling, and rewarding.

1. Baby Tech

Everyone knows how big the tech industry is. It’s massive! For 2019 the tech industry is set to reach 5 trillion.

So yeah, might be a business you want in on.

But baby tech…

Don’t imagine infants getting a super-spy upgrade.

Tech is on the rise to give us more information about the health of babies in and out of the womb. This data can then be put forward to better protect infants from harm such as diseases, developmental challenges, chemical imbalances, and more.

Some companies are even trying to help babies fall asleep faster (that way parents can get some shut-eye too!)

OUR TIP: If you’re looking to start a business in this industry, make sure you have a strong marketing and technical engineering presence. Being able to market and advertise for products is the first hurdle, but explaining how exactly it’ll work to parents on a technical level is another.

2. Lumber and Construction

Where business booms, buildings boom.

Starting a lumber company will put you in on the foundation processes of other businesses. And with so many of them going up, this industry is also expanding.

The construction side of it is huge as well — as the companies that actually put the lumber to use.

If you’re into construction, this might be the best industry for you.

OUR TIP: For lumber, a wooded region is a given. For construction, an up-and-coming city might be your best bet. BOTH BEING SAID: wherever you take down a tree, plant a tree. Not only for the environment but for your business.

3. Real Estate

It goes without saying if there are more homes going up then someone has to sell them.

Getting in on this classic gig isn’t as hard as people think. For some places, you just need your real estate license.

OUR TIP: Don’t try to sell hundred-thousand-dollar homes right off the bat. What’s easier is to work in college towns. Buy older homes, fix them up, rent them out to college students, and build them up from there.

4. Workleasuire Clothing

This is something you might have noticed: people have been crossing skinny ties with cotton button-downs and blue jeans.

And it’s super popular.

Apparel that is both work-appropriate and hang-out-with-your-friends casual, is a go-to pick for a lot of people today.

Why not sell it?

What’s great about clothing opportunities in 2019 is that the apparel industry is seeing a shift with millennials; people want clothing that is environmentally friendly, and trendy.

This turns people away from top name brands and into smaller family-owned stores. A.K.A. You’re Best Business Opportunity.

OUR TIP: To succeed in this industry have someone on your team who understands fashion. After that, a broad marketing campaign showcasing both your brand AND your company values will help gain traction.

Remember to be different. Don’t follow the collapsing clothing titan lines. Have your designs made and shipped from places that use just labor and environmentally friendly processes.

5. Freight Broker Business

All those materials and things needed to build other businesses have to get transported somehow. (And it won’t be via someone’s backseat.)

Freighting stuff across the world doesn’t have to be exclusively lumber, minerals, and other elemental necessities. It can be other things like fine art or vehicles.

For more on this topic, we’ve got a helpful link to assist in getting your toes wet.

OUR TIP: Do your research!

6. Personal Nutrition

Health has gotten way more attention in recent years, and that’s a good thing!

Studies show that adults over 18 are getting more aerobic exercise than in prior times.

Food regimes that promote proper balances based on the genetic makeup of the individual are on the rise.

Healthy eating is one of the top ways to prevent illness, and as people get genetic testing done, they learn what their body really needs.

You could be the business that offers that nutrition.

OUR TIP: Find your niche. Don’t try to offer everything from pills to organic vegetables to cage-free poultry right away. Learn what you want to tackle — what market is around you — work from there.

7. Digital Therapeutics

With the rise of tech, there is an increasing rise of video games.

But did you know video games could actually be a kind of therapy? Mental health technology is making strides in today’s world.

Doctors are prescribing certain software and games to help people overcome a range of things from addiction to ADHD.

Ever wanted to create more than just a game?

OUR TIP: Blend fun with progressive mindsets. Find a team that wants to use their creativity to also help people’s bodies.

8. Micromobility

People love transportation, why not offer them something fun? Or just plain helpful…

People want to protect the environment, so they ditch their cars and pick up an E-Scooter. It saves them money, and lowers emission levels!

You could be the company that sells (or creates) transportation like this!

OUR TIP: Selling in a city will be your best bet. Although country roads are where people like to go fast, urban life is where people are maneuvering through sidewalks and roadways to get to work every day.

9. Media Marketers

With the rise of video games and other video game options like VR and AR, media presences are huge.

This best industry option is if you want to work from anywhere.

You can have a media presence that builds and showcases other companies even if you’re not near that company.

OUR TIP: Have a good understanding of marketing, deal-making, and social media platforms. Start with smaller companies and work your way up to the big ones.

A good place to begin would be with small film companies because their creating quality content for places and that content needs a platform to shine on.

If you are interested in marketing, maybe you want to write for us.

10. Health and Medication

This is one of the hardest fields to work in because it takes time to develop relationships.

BUT, it is growing. Fast.

Because of technological breakthroughs, we’re seeing more and more medications become available to treat things that have been incurable before.

Being the company that helps connect (or create) medications to people in need is both rewarding and lucrative.

OUR TIP: Start with what’s out there, and join in marketing it to people who need it before you try to cure something that’s still untreated.

We also recommend fighting the rise of medication. Being in this industry only to make a buck will often derail your company and put you out more than above.

More Best Industries

For more of the best industries to join this year, head on over to one of our different pages where we talk about everything from technology to education. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, or even have a question about a topic you do see, feel free to reach out and contact us.

Good luck and keep trying to make the world a better place in 2019!

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