A number of technologies have emerged that have changed the way in which oil is located and drilled. Even though there is some resistance regarding the adoption of these new methods, many companies have gone ahead and adopted the new methods and are saving a lot in turn.

The digital oil field is a whole new way of oil and gas exploration to keep costs low and production high. Digital oilfield software actually copies the activities of an oil and gas field on a computer.

 A shortage of skilled labor

There is a shortage of skilled labor in the oil industry and good opportunities are lost when companies realize that they do not have the right people to fill the jobs. Oil is in huge demand and companies are investing in oil fields.

To run these operations, the company may require thousands more skilled laborers which are often unavailable, They then look at technology-driven digital oil fields where a fraction of the number of people can do the job as opposed to the thousands.

Although many digital oil field technologies are geared towards the oil industry, the concept could be useful in any engineering kind of sector, more so for those experiencing labor issues.  Of course, there are hurdles with digital oil fields, such as getting employees to accept and embrace the new operating method.

Processing of Vast amounts of Data

These days, instead of relying solely on machines, many tasks are accomplished by automating them by means of being able to process vast amounts of data quickly. Managers do not even need to be at the oil field for communication to take place. Information can be delivered in real-time and managers are able to make immediate decisions, reducing the problems of workers.

The digital oil field encompasses data being streamed from faraway wells as well as the processing of data in physical environments such as an oil company’s headquarters or the well-site. Digital communications between these centers are an important part of the process. By removing humans out of some tasks, productivity is increased.

Adopting tech innovations

The oil and gas industry has started adopting technological innovations and FutureOn’s cloud-based platform, Fieldtwin assists companies to digitalize and improve efficiency.

They offer 3D visualization of data of engineering operations at oil and gas fields. Customers will be able to create safer operating conditions and lower risks.

FutureOn has may years of experience in providing visual engineering and they have many customers who are part of the oil and gas subsea sector. The company is found in Oslo, Norway and Texas and they have developed a large number of visual software solutions for the oil and gas industry.

Technological innovation has been the main reason behind the move towards the digital oil field and staff need to understand the processes and be well trained to ensure the profitability of their company.

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