For any child who has been thrust into the foster care system, things are usually pretty rough.  These kids have been neglected, tossed from place to place, and outright forgotten about. That’s not easy for anybody to deal with let alone a young child or those in youth villages who are already fragile because of their situation.  

However, there are many benefits children can receive from foster care when their situation is handled properly and with the right amount of love and compassion.  These benefits include self-confidence, feeling love for the first time in their lives, trust and stability to name a few.

Below is a list of those benefits a child in the foster care system can experience.


A child in the foster care system often times feels worthless.  They’ve been kicked down so many times and had their hearts broken to the nth degree.  They probably never stood a chance with the obstacles they faced since birth. This is why providing self-worth for them can eventually give them a new lease on life and allow them to have a whole different perspective of themselves.  


Foster care can eventually provide a child with some stability that they’ve probably never experienced.   Whether it is physical or mental stability this can be a great benefit.  Imagine you never had a home for more than a couple months at a time. And this all happening after you might have been abandoned by your birth parents.  Foster care has the ability to give a sense of levity to a child once they find the right environment.


Let’s face we’ve all had our heart’s broken in one form or another and most of us surely started not to trust someone after that.  Learning how to trust again is not easy. However, it can be a powerful part of life. When you are able to trust someone you can allow yourself to love and be loved.  As humans, this is an important part of life and long-term happiness. Foster care can help provide a child with this after they’ve been burned a time or two.

Social Skills

Many kids who have lived through and in the foster care system aren’t able to socialize well with others.  Socialization is important to not only successful personal relationships but for business relationships as well.  This can make for a better chance at career success and up your earning potential through adulthood.


Unfortunately, a lack of education is abundant for foster kids.  They have bounced around from school to school and usually aren’t able to keep up with their school work.  Some simply shut off completely while in the classroom.  But, once a child gets stabilized in the foster care system and finds a loving home with a structure, they get back on track to learning and hopefully catch up to their peers.

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