More than 44,000 flights each year are handled by the FAA. With people so often navigating the woes of flight, flying privately has likely crossed the minds of many frequent flyers over the years.

But what are the logistics behind booking and taking a private flight? And is it ultimately worth it to pay more for private jet travel?

We break down the details in this article.

How Much Does It Cost to Fly Privately?

While certain memberships can afford you cheaper private flight travel, in an average situation you’ll pay roughly $1,000 for each hour of flight when flying privately. The price can shift up significantly with increased luxury and size of aircraft.

Your costs will vary based on:

  • Length of flight
  • Number of passengers
  • Type of flight

If you fly regularly you can join a private jet club at between $1,000 to $10,000 per month.

Do Private Airports Come with More Advantages?

Along with flying privately, you’ll most likely be traveling through a private airport versus a busy, commercial one. While commercial airports are generally easier to find, private airports tend to have more luxury-based conveniences.

From showing up 15 minutes prior to takeoff to avoid the hassle of baggage pickup, many much prefer the convenient nature of traveling from private airports.

But, even if you depart and land in a commercial airport, luxury can still be found. Commercial airports are generally equipt with VIP lounges for private flight passengers.

What Are the Advantages of Private Flying

What to expect when private flying? Private flights afford passengers a number of additional benefits. Besides the normal amenities offered by flying first class, private flights mean a one-on-one service designed toward your needs.

Many private jets have master bedrooms, full bathrooms, and even boardrooms. Other amenities you can expect in a private jet include:

  • Dining rooms to seat up to twelve
  • Private chef with meals designed around a personalized menu
  • Private offices

Flying privately means you can avoid long baggage check-ins and potentially lost baggage. Plus those who fly privately can generally arrive only fifteen minutes before takeoff with plenty of time left to board. Private flying certainly tips the scales when it comes to convenience and luxury but it does become problematic when it comes to one thingโ€”cost.

What Are the Disadvantages of Private Flying

If you fly privately you have many more options than flying commercially. But with private flying comes a high price tag. Probably the most significant disadvantage to private flying is the cost that comes with it.

Private flights can be cost-efficient only when you are a frequent flyer. But, as a business, if you are frequently flying via private planes it may be time to consider taking a step past renting to purchasing a private jet. This is recommended when you cross fifteen to twenty hours of monthly flying.

Understanding Your Private Flying Options

If you’re interested in flying privately it stands to reason you’ll want to know the benefits against commercial air travel. When deciding on private flying over alternate options you’ll want to consider needs and costs.

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