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Disney’s commonly heard slogan as the happiest place on Earth is true for many people and can be proven in the numbers. In just one day, Magic Kingdom saw over 57,000 guests. That number is a part of the 20 million guest total for all of 2019!

Unfortunately, the impact of COVID-19 brought these numbers down. Out of safety and consideration for guests, theme parks can no longer allow as many people to enter. Parks like Disney World and Disneyland have implemented new systems that visitors of the past may not be aware of.

To figure out how to enjoy your Disney World vacation during the global pandemic, carefully read the guide below.


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The first step to planning the perfect Disney World vacation is to be a bit of research on the different Disney World parks and types of tickets. Due to the pandemic, Disney has changed their ticketing system to better control the number of guests in the park at one time.

Guests now need to have a park reservation ticket as well as an admission ticket. Before planning your trip, make sure to check the theme park reservation system to ensure the dates you want are available.

Don’t forget to set aside time considering which parks you want to visit, granted that the specific parks are available for reservation.

Special Events and Experiences

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Although some special events and experiences may be canceled due to COVID-19, it’s wise to check what is still available. You will need to book in advance for anything you’re interested in.

For example, the FastPass+ system is currently suspended, but guests can now sign up for the early theme park entry. My Disney Experience is a phone app and website that lists what is still available.

When to Go

Planning the best time for a Disney World vacation is always a bit of a risk. Make sure your choice is during the sunniest, coolest, and least crowded time of the year. This may necessitate taking time off work and school and holidays are usually packed.

In Florida, although summer is very sunny, it is also unbearably hot and humid. It’s also crowded due to the summer school holiday.

Where to Stay

Staying at any of the wonderful themed Disney hotels nearby also requires planning ahead to ensure there are available rooms. You can find more information here about the Hilton hotel group accommodations in the area. You can also use an app like Google or Bookings.com to reuse other hotels in the area.

Stay in a Disney-themed hotel enhances the total Disney experience, and they often offer free transportation to-and-from the parks.

More Travel Guides and Advice

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Even though vaccines are being widely distributed throughout the United States, it still makes Disney World vacation planning a bit complex. Guests now need to use the Disney Park Pass system to reserve park admission, in addition to the general admission ticket. There are also a variety of ticket options, hotel options, and food options to plan out before a Disney vacation.

For more of the latest on traveling during a global pandemic, make sure to check out our page.

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