Interior Decor Reimagined

You may think to jazz-up your home with paintings and wall art, but have you ever considered using lighting to the same effect.

Neon signs can be wall-mounted to add a visual kick to any room. Not only do they look fantastic, but they also add ambiance and warmth to your space.

New Technology

You may think of Neon as a relic of the ’80s. However, there has been a recent resurgence in the popularity of neon. This is due to the emergence of companies such as Neon Mama. Using the best modern-day manufacturing techniques and only the finest materials, this innovative company has been able to drive down Neon’s cost and allow it to enter the mainstream. The Neon on offer here is super-bright LED Neon. Safe to the touch and eco-friendly, the running cost is a fraction of what it would be for traditional neon.

Something for Everyone

The offerings of neon today are simply put, incredible. Compared to what was achievable in the past, today’s neon far surpasses this in terms of aesthetics. From beautiful cursive signage of inspirational quotes to fantastical image signs that will blow your mind! There simply is something for everyone available in Neon Mama’s collection.

A vast array of colors and sizes can be specified. You can even opt for a multi-color changing sign if you are feeling adventurous. These signs can be for indoor or outdoor usage. The choice is yours!

A Bespoke Offering

For a business space or just feeling artsy and creative, custom neon is also available. Here you can use an intuitive text generator to create a message that is personal to you. Image signs can also be custom-built through the submission of design brief pics. After you have sent your pictures to Neon Mama, their design team quickly comes back to you with designs. The turn-around is impressive.

A Great Service

Free, fast worldwide delivery for orders over $399 is available. Neon Mama prides itself on the build quality of their signs. Therefore, each one has a standard 1-year warranty included.

With many, many positive reviews Neon Mama has been making real waves in the lighting market. Their customer service and communication are second to none. So, if you want to spice up your space with neon, look no further than Neon Mama!

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