Are you a business owner seeking to learn more about the answers to some of the most common IT questions? There was $3.6 trillion spent on IT services worldwide in 2020 and the amount is expected to grow by four percent in 2021.

In today’s digital world, the IT field is becoming increasingly important for families and businesses to function each day. Read on to learn the answers to three of the most popular IT questions people ask about!

1. How Often Do I Need to Change My Password?

How Often Do I Need to Change My Password

Whether you are signing into your smartphone, a work computer, or personal online banking, you’ll need to enter a unique password. An issue can arise if your passwords aren’t all that unique or they’ve been hanging around for too long.

The answer to it questions may vary a bit depending on who you ask. While some will recommend monthly password changes, others will say that annually will do the trick. A good rule of thumb is to change your password every few months.

The information technology company you work with will be able to give you a better recommendation on what is best for your industry.

2. What Is the Cloud and What Does It Do?

For many years, the data that you used on a computer was stored there. With the advent of the Cloud, this means you can access and store information that is saved on the internet.

The Cloud gives you a strong alternative to paying for extra storage on your hard drive. Besides saving money on storage costs, you will also keep your data in one place which will make it fast and convenient to access as needed.

3. Will Connecting to a Guest WiFi Network Cause Problems on My System?

Will Connecting to a Guest WiFi Network Cause Problems on My System

The short answer to it questions is, ‘Yes, using an unsecured wireless network can cause problems on your system.” When you find the right company in the information technology field, they will explain the answer to important questions like this one.

When you connect your computer to a public wireless network, you are at risk of having your system used by an unwanted third party. This can cause issues such as unauthorized access to personnel files, the leak of sensitive information, and more.

To avoid these potential issues, you should only join wireless networks that are secured by a password and hosted by a reputable company or retail establishment.

Get the Answers to Your IT Questions

Getting the answers to your IT questions is an important part of learning about an industry that can have a major impact on families and businesses alike.

Before you begin looking for a company to help you with your business IT, consider the most important parts of your company’s digital footprint. Speak to IT professionals about how you can protect this crucial area of your business!

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