A pickup truck is a versatile vehicle. You can use it as your regular transport vehicle. At the same time, it can haul various things from debris, dirt, tools, and equipment. A pickup truck can be your service vehicle for your business.

Because of the pickup’s versatility, sometimes, the owner forgets that the vehicle needs maintenance. While it is durable, a truck bed can be prone to damage since it is the part of the vehicle that takes more of the load. If you’re using the pickup for business, it’s easy to surmise that there are scratches, holes, dents, and rust on the truck bed. Applying or installing a truck bedliner is vital if you want to extend your pickup’s serviceable life and keep it protected.

Types Of Truck Bedliner

Types Of Truck Bedliner

Several types of truck bedliners are available in the market. You can install some of them, while some you can apply like paint. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, but which should you consider as the best value bedliner?

You’ll find four primary types of bedliner for your truck. The cheapest is the bed mat, which is usually made from recycled rubber tires. A bed rug is made mainly from polypropylene and polyester fibers. Both types cover the truck bed’s floor.

A drop-in bedliner is molded plastic made to fit your truck bed’s inner surface. Bolts fasten the liner to prevent it from moving, to prevent cracking and other damages.

Finally, you have the spray-in or spray-on bedliner. It is the most expensive among the four types, but its properties and features after its application make it the most cost-efficient.

drop-in bedliner

Why Install A Spray-On Truck Bedliner?

You will realize why a spray-on bedliner gives you the best value for your money from the reasons outlined here. Consider these advantages.

It preserves the condition of the truck bed. Get the maximum benefit by installing the spray-on bedliner as soon as possible. After application, the bed of your truck has an almost permanent layer of protection against the environment and the regular wear and tear from constant loading and unloading of various materials.

Spray-On Truck Bedliner

A spray-on bedliner prevents scratches. If you are using your pickup truck for business, chances are you will be loading it with materials that can dent or scratch the metal. In addition, you might be transporting chemicals that can corrode the truck bed or loading it with heavy tools and materials.

Depending on your knowledge, skills, and available tools, you can install a spray-on bedliner yourself. You can purchase a spray-on bedliner kit. But if you are not confident of your skills, you can easily find a professional service for an excellent installation.

Installing a spray-on bedliner gives you the best value. It is almost permanent, easy to clean and maintain. In addition, the liner protects the truck’s bed surface from dirt, debris, rain, snow, harsh chemicals, and UV rays. Likewise, it prevents the formation of rust, scratches, dents, and holes.

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